After being spurned in 2015, would Mavs court Jordan a second time?

DeAndre Jordan once left the Dallas Mavericks at the altar.

After the free-agent big man had verbally agreed to leave the Los Angeles Clippers and sign with the Mavericks as a free agent in 2015, he was basically kidnapped in his own home by members of the Clippers to convince him to re-sign with LA, which he eventually did.

Fast-forward three years and Jordan has the ability to opt out of his deal with the Clippers and become an unrestricted free agent and the coincidentally, the Mavericks have plenty of owner Mark Cuban’s money to spend.

Ready for Round II between the 6-foot-11, 265-poind Jordan, who will turn 30 in July, and the Mavericks? Mike Fisher of 247Sports says Dallas would indeed be all for “forgiving” Jordan and signing Jordan this summer.

He writes:

Forgive him from his virtually unprecedented 2015 betrayal of the Mavs. Forgive him for shattering the NBA’s established status of free-agent agreements. Forgive him for meekly allowing himself to hide behind a barricaded door while opting to remain with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Consider it done. The Mavs have, a source tells me, decided to let bygones bygones. And why? Well, they do need a center.

After spurning the Mavericks in 2015, Jordan took to Twitter two days later to apologize:

Jordan could either opt out of his current deal with the Clippers, which is a player option that will be pay $24,119,025 next season, outright making him an unrestricted free agent or inform them he will pick it up, with the agreement he be traded to Dallas.