Amico: Cavs need to stop wasting time and gut roster

Kevin Love is injured yet again and the Cavaliers were going nowhere fast even with him.

It will be difficult, and some veterans still have a place in Cleveland. But it’s time for general manager Koby Altman to work his trade-deadline magic a few months early. It’s time to clean house.

I talked with one team source before the season who said Altman “has no plans to gut the team.”

Dear Mr. General Manager, please gut the team.

Why are the Cavs bothering with George Hill? I can’t help but think that every time I see Hill sort of give effort, sometimes, while playing in front of Collin Sexton.

And what in the world is the plan with J.R. Smith? Bench him, waive him, do something. Just don’t play him. He is not your future. He’s part of a really great past. But that past is over. So should be Smith’s playing time in Cleveland.

What are the Cavs trying to accomplish this season?

I wish I knew. At this point, they have but one choice — play the young guys, take your lumps, and start the rebuilding process.

I’m OK with keeping Tristan Thompson. I know. I never thought I’d type that, either. But Thompson at least plays hard and has acted as a mature voice of reason in the locker room this season. He actually appreciates the Cavs and Cleveland. Besides, his contract would make him difficult to trade. So keep him here and keep him as a face of the franchise. He is earning it.

Other than that, stop wasting your time. Trade, bench or waive Smith. Trade Kyle Korver. And yes, trade Kevin Love the very minute you can. Send him to the Los Angeles Lakers. They have young players. Or the Boston Celtics. They have young players and picks.

There’s no need for Love in Cleveland anymore. Really nice guy. Really good player. Can’t stay remotely healthy. And by the time the Cavs are good again he’ll be, like, 33- or 34-years old.


Initially, the Cavs wanted to stay competitive after losing LeBron James. I totally get that. It may not be the best basketball plan but it is far and away the best business plan.

Teams that stink lose more than games. They lose money and lots of it. Professional sports organizations can’t cater to what we bloggers think is the best plan for building a franchise. They have to look at things from a business sense. And five years of losing, and losing gobs of money, is bad for business.

But right now, the Cavs have no choice. They’re 1-9 and headed nowhere fast. Could they turn things around? Absolutely. This is the NBA. The regular season doesn’t end until mid-April. There is tons of basketball left. But the Cavs look overmatched in nearly every game. They just don’t have the talent.

So maybe forget about winning. From the looks of things, there will be no winning here — just degrees of losing.

And now veterans are reportedly upset with Sexton? Well, who cares? If you’re the Cavs, you drafted Sexton. You need to see if he’s going to be any good or if you made a mistake.

Right now, I can’t tell and I bet they can’t either. But last thing you need is a bunch of older players who aren’t getting the job done whining about the kid.

Anyway, all that aside, the Cavs need to play the young guys, bench the vets and start looking for deals. Period.

They wanted to compete … but can’t. That dream is over. You fired the coach, aren’t coming close in most games, and there may be some friction in the locker room.

So move on from those offseason plans and the veterans you’d hoped would lead the way. And you may as well do it as fast as you can.

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  1. I am sure the Cavs have tried to trade Korver, JR, Hill, and TT. Korver does have takers, but they might be low-balling us. Others are simply non-movable now. Depending on injuries in other teams, some of these guys might be moved.
    But, I must say that the attitude of the rookie doesn’t go with his output. From the “Let’s get it done” tweet on draft night, to apparently refusing to be mentored by Hill, he has shown Embiid-like attitude with Bennett-like output.
    We need a good low-post defender, and good overall team defence.If we can get a surplus big from some team (Alex Len? Whiteside for Korver-TT?), we might be able to right the ship. Other than for that, all we might need is a change in mindset.

  2. Any vets complaining about Sexton need a look in the mirror. They obviously dont understand how to play at his pace and with his strengths. If that actually came from George Hill he has some nerve. Id rather see Sexton starting too, and start the game with some presence and passion. Hill is predictable and should be a backup somewhere.

    Also agree in Thompson. He will continue to bring it. I know a lot of teams could use him so please Cavs dont give in for less value. His attitude was good for rebuilding Cavs the first time, we got better every year even before LeBron.

    Before I forget, please sell, Gilbert. Or turn it over to basketball people and let them build. No more Anthony Bennett like high pick squandering we just cant afford it as fans.

    JR Smith would be a nice fit in Houston, he’s an underrated defender, they need that. Id ask for a late 1st rounder, dont budge until deadline day if at all, he can coexist with Sexton in the meantime.

    Korver would fit in Philly if they want to give up a first rounder for him. Or if Cavs prefer young talent I dont think asking for KCP and a second rounder is too much given the Lakers situation. Might not get the pick too.

    As for Kevin Love, im glad we gave him a few weeks to show he might be legit player still, at least for rebounding and offense. I think it solidified his trade value. Agree now he’s gotta go.

    Anybody that feels so entitled to get calls that it keeps them from getting back on D needs to go. That illness is still lingering in this lockerroom, even though its source is currently affecting the lockerroom in LA. That cant be our identity anymore.

    For a new identity I think we’ll need some new people in charge. I dont agree with Cavs if they think its that it’s okay to go an entire season (basically) without making necessary changes to move in the right direction. Hopefully we make our big moves way before next summer.

  3. “Trade Magic”..Sam?? LOL The last thing I want is Koby Altman pulling the trigger on anymore trades period. He has been a DISASTER as a GM. I don’t think we need to gut the roster. The current roster will do a great job positioning us for a top 4 lottery pick. We need to purge Korver, JR and Hill out of here. Anything we can get for them would be a bonus. Otherwise they can be bought out at the end of the year.
    IMO, K Love is untradeable to a contender. His contract is as absurd as Ryan Anderson’s or Mello’s prior to his buyout. He can give some production but his injury issues and disappearing acts in most 4th quarters is not attractive to any contender. Maybe a team like the Suns or Kings could use him to go with proven young talent. His extension and Nance’s were not needed….BAD TIMING!
    Altman has to go and Gilbert has to back away and hire a proven asst. GM or former GM with decent track record to reboot the squad over the next 3 years. I would not let Altman touch our rebuild.

    • You make plenty of valid points, as usual! But I think a lot of people would still like to take a stab at Kevin Love. When healthy, no other “stretch four” in the league can rebound like Love. And he’s no longer viewed as just a rental, which would make him easier to trade to places like Denver (which LOVES him) or Utah (same). He’s better than both Anderson and Melo. That said, if the Cavs hang on to Love, and Sexton comes along, and they end up with Zion Williamson or RJ Barrett … well, I know. A lot of ifs there. Either way, you are right on the money. A reboot has to happen. And is likely already started. Always appreciate you taking the time to read and leaving your thoughts. Even when you’re LOL-ing at me!! 🙂 – Sam

      • Thanks Sam! If Utah and Denver are interested than I absolutely want someone else making that trade for us. Otherwise we may end up with Crowder and IT again in a three way for Love. LOL
        Everyone’s focus will turn to college hoops this year for sure!

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