Amico Hoops seeks summer advertising partners

The 2016-17 season might be over, but NBA coverage is heating up at Amico Hoops this summer.

While the players take a much-needed break from the action, our staff will be hard at work finding the latest news, updates and rumors regarding free agency and trades.

For the past two seasons, our Amico Hoops “Trade Deadline Tracker” has provided fans with round-the-clock updates in mid-February, regarding possible trades and moves surrounding the fluid nature of the NBA.

This summer, we’re starting a new feature: The Amico Hoops Free-Agent Tracker.

Anytime we post a fresh report or update on what’s happening in the free-agent market, it will be included in the tracker to help fans follow along live with all the latest happenings.

Here’s where you come in:

Would you like your business or product to be seen by a diverse reading audience that spans all ages and has one thing in common (a love for basketball like you)?

We’re seeking advertising partners to sponsor this free-agent tracker, which is sure to be one of the hottest features we’ll have on the site this summer.

For more details and specifics regarding rates, e-mail Sam Amico at

Here are a few details about what advertising on our site can offer:

  • The Free-Agency Tracker will include your company’s name at the top of the article. Example: The Amico Hoops Free Agent Tracker, powered by (your name here).
  • There will be a link to your company’s website at the top of the article, where readers can simply click on your company’s name and will be directed straight to your home site.
  • We will embed your company logo on the page.
  • We can even promote specials your company is running and spread the word on social media to our fan base of more than 50,000 basketball junkies.

Along with the Free-Agency Tracker, we are starting a new weekly column: The Offseason Mailbag

If you’ve paid any attention to all of the reaction to this year’s NBA Finals, just about every trade scenario imaginable has been brought up by fans in the past few days (and we’re not even to July yet).

We’re sure to hear from quite a few fans this summer about trade scenarios, free-agent possibilities, and other questions regarding the future of the Cleveland Cavaliers and the NBA as a whole.

We’ll answer those questions to the best of our ability.

If your business would like to sponsor the mailbag, you’ll get the same exposure as mentioned above for the Free-Agent Tracker.

Example: The Amico Hoops Offseason Mailbag delivered by (your name here).

Again, e-mail samamico@gmail.comĀ if you’d like to know more and discuss becoming an advertising partner on our site.

Thanks to all of our readers who have helped this site grow over the last two years. By partnering with us, we hope to help your company grow, too.