Amico: Ten quick dribbles on the Cavs

Random dribbles on the Cavaliers, who continue to await an opponent in the Eastern Conference finals.

1. LeBron James and the gang have quietly been practicing, letting themselves rest a little while putting up lots of shots.

2. That’s a good thing — as nobody improves their skills during games. This is a time to work on shooting, and we saw how much that benefited the Cavs in the previous series against the Hawks.

3. I still think the Cavs can shoot the ball even better, and they still need to defend better. But that’s nitpicking. They’re 8-0.

4. For the record, I think the Pistons are better than the Trail Blazers. And had the Warriors beat the Pistons, everyone would say how incredible the Warriors are. And had the Cavs beat the Blazers, everyone would write about how the East stinks. Just like now.

5. That’s the way it goes for the Cavs. The Warriors are the gold children of the NBA. I love watching the Warriors and admire how they were built and the way they play. But the league and national media and everyone’s constant fawning over them is downright insufferable.

6. Anyway, enough of that. If the Cavs want things to change, and become the NBA’s new darlings, they just need to win and win it all. If they do, watch how quickly the narrative changes.

7. To me, the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Terry Pluto remains the best writer when it comes to covering the Cavs — and as a columnist who also writes about the Browns, Indians and other sports, covering the Cavs isn’t even Pluto’s full-time duty.

8. Pluto doesn’t rely on anonymous “sources.” In this age of shady Internet reporting, he still gets people to go on record. I encourage you to check out his new series on LeBron. Pluto has already talked to Akron coach Keith Dambrot and ex-Cavs coach Mike Brown. Great stuff.

9. I’d rather the Cavs play the Raptors than the Heat. No one wants to listen to all the Dwyane Wade-LeBron talk the networks are sure to drum up. Game 6 is Friday in Miami. I expect that series to go seven.

10. ICYMI: My latest podcast on the Cavs (with Andy Baskin and Jeff Phelps).

3 Comments on "Amico: Ten quick dribbles on the Cavs"

  1. Great read, Sam.
    I agree with you everything you said, especially point #4. The media has downplayed the Cavs dominance in the playoffs when the majority of these same people were saying that the Cavs wouldn’t make it out of the East. This narrative that the East is weak isn’t true and it’s always said after the Cavs beat their opponent.
    The Warriors are a great team and no one can take away from what they accomplished this season, but the love fest for them is just over the top and a lot of it seems disingenuous. The people going out of their way to fawn over the Warriors are the same people who just don’t want LeBron to win.I still don’t understand this narrative that Steph Curry is “more relatable” than LeBron James. It’s ridiculous. Curry grew up privileged with both parents and his dad was in the NBA! LeBron grew up poor and was raised by a single mother. He had to work hard to get to where he is today. I’m not saying Curry didn’t have to work hard, but this “underdog” story that some people in the media have tried to push is just ridiculous.

  2. ShutUpAndEnjoyGreatness | May 13, 2016 at 5:36 pm |

    #8!!!! It seems skip baylesss is new journalists role model, Chris hayns who covers Cavs is mvp of breaking new stories/click bait w/o “Quotes” lol
    Hate to bring race into sports however,
    Curry being light skinned , 0 tattoos,not overly muscular(less athletic)&product of 2parent home in country where majority of consumers is White makes him more “relatable” to many men who hate LeBron cause they Know they can never replicate his God given abilities.
    LeBron has dominated&carried the Nba for 10+yrs. Perfect role model for all kids in modern day families yet what gets glorified by “media” is The decision while overlooking $ boys&girls clubs got because of it.
    Curry is really good too but only time network camera zooms in& identifies a Nba player’s family is when it’s an Image of his. Espn1&2,bleacher report,beat writers,etc. have gotten so mundane & obese eating off Bron now they’re drooling over ? new meat could bring before even seeing if it can last 3+yrs.
    I love that LeBron is embracing his new Underdog role tho.???

  3. Jackie Toye | May 13, 2016 at 10:20 pm |

    I agree with Amico and I AGREE with the Comments!!

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