Amico: Nuggets ought to consider firesale

Emmanuel Mudiay of the Nuggets is on the trading block, according to a report.

Some dribbles on the Nuggets. You don’t care and neither do I.

1. I don’t see any reason to pay any attention to the Nuggets. Most people don’t. The Broncos won the Super Bowl and the Rockies have a fan base simply because they partake in America’s past time. What do the Nuggets offer?

2. Michael Malone is a good coach and his team plays hard (most of the time). But the Nuggets aren’t exciting and it’s not like their future is filled with hope. That’s why they need to try to make a box-office splash in the offseason.

3. Rookie point guard Emmanuel Mudiay has loads of potential, and forward Kenneth Faried is among the targets of many opposing general managers. The Nuggets also are likely to own a top-10 draft pick via the NBA lottery.

4. Read:This is a team with assets. If I ran the Nuggets, I’d see what type of return I could get for Mudiay, or Faried, or the pick, or perhaps even two of the three. People haven’t noticed this team since the days of Carmelo Anthony and Allen Iverson, and it’s not like the Nuggets are winning. So shake it up.

5. I am, however, a big fan of Will Barton. He should stay.

6. But the playoffs aren’t happening. Neither is the buzz. If I’m GM Tim Connelly, I’m currently making plans to change at least the latter. It needs to happen.