Baron Davis: Kobe would have taken these Lakers to playoffs

Kobe Bryant (24) would have taken this season's Lakers to the playoffs at age 34, says Baron Davis (left).

At age 34, Kobe Bryant would have done what LeBron James could not this season, at the same age.

Namely, lead the Los Angeles Lakers to the playoffs.

So says former NBA player Baron Davis, a Los Angeles native and collegiate star at UCLA.

“Yeah, of course. Hell yeah,” Davis told TMZ when asked if a 34-year-old Bryant could have taken this Lakers team to heights James of which James has failed.

Davis went on to explain why he believes the Lakers struggled.

“I also think the Lakers had a chance,” he said. “But due to circumstance and injuries and (crap) like that — you know, you can’t just put all the blame on LeBron.

“I think the Lakers got disconnected with what they was trying to do, what they mission was. And the trades and all that.”

The failed pursuit of Anthony Davis of the New Orleans Pelicans had an adverse on the entire Lakers roster, sans James, according to Davis.

“That (crap) don’t ball well for nobody, dawg,” he said. “It’s tough to play for somebody and give your heart and soul to somebody and your name is on the trading block.

“So when you’re young, it’s hard to bounce back from that (crap).”

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