Blatt backs Lue, calls on Cavs players to step up

David Blatt came out in support of Tyronn Lue on Tuesday and called for the Cavaliers players to step up.

As former coach of the team, David Blatt has seen what’s “behind the curtain” with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Blatt, who made headlines across the globe Sunday before coaching in the BSL All-Star Game that he he hoped “we don’t give up as many points as the Cavaliers did last night.”

His comment came after the Cavaliers surrendered 148 points to visiting Oklahoma City in a 24-point loss Saturday.

With reports of a heated team meeting at practice Monday, the Cavaliers are back to being their  traditional dysfunctional selves.

Blatt, fired at midseason in 2016 despite a 30-11 record and leading the Eastern Conference after a Finals appearance in 2015, didn’t hold back in regards to his former team, while appearing on the “Taz & The Moose” show on CBS Sports Radio on Tuesday, even defending the man who replaced him as coach, Tyronn Lue.

“Ty Lue is not to blame for his team getting hit with 148 points in a home game nationally televised,” he said. “You’ve got three former MVPs on his team. He’s got an experienced, championship-caliber group. If those guys don’t come to play, if those guys don’t have the pride and the belief in one another to get out there and perform at the level they need to perform at, Ty Lue is not the problem.”

The problem is a whole, not a part, Blatt said.

“That group is the problem. They need to step up, man. Come on,” he said. “We as coaches are responsible for everything. That’s true. I know that. I’ve lived that everyday of my entire career.

“There’s a certain point in time where the members of that team have got to step up and fly right. I know they’re being coached. Hell, I’ve brought almost all those coaches that are part of the Cleveland Cavaliers staff there. I know ’em all personally. I know what kind of people they are. I know what kind of good work they do.

“So I think it’s time for the players to step up and do their part. That’s what I think.”

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