Blazers’ McCollum finds superteams ‘disgusting’

C.J. McCollum has been very open about how he hates superteams in the NBA.

Portland Trail Blazers shooting guard C.J. McCollum says he finds superteams in the NBA “disgusting” and would never openly join a team that already has multiple All-Stars or future Hall-of-Famers.

During an interview in China, McCollum was asked about the Golden State Warriors and their superteam dynamic and McCollum didn’t mince words.

“I would never do anything of that nature,” McCollum said. “I think that’s disgusting. I’m not built like those guys. I was raised differently. I think some players will take that route, but most guys have too much pride. [They] want to really win on their own or in their certain organizations and aren’t just going to jump the bandwagon.”

This isn’t the first time McCollum has spoken out against superteams. When he had Warriors star Kevin Durant as a guest on his podcast last month, McCollum said he was “hot” about DeMarcus Cousins signing with the Dubs this offseason. Durant responded by saying, “You know you’re not going to win a championship.”

McCollum and Durant then went back and forth on Twitter. McCollum said Durant was “soft” for joining the Warriors.

Durant replied to McCollum’s tweet by saying, “So, I would get into a gang fight, lose, plot on my brother for 2 months in our home and then go get the gang we lost to and beat him up? U think that low of me CJ? I just did your f–kin podcast. Snakes in the grass boy I tell ya.”

McCollum took to Twitter again Wednesday to weigh in further on his comments:

Durant has been called out by multiple people in the league for signing with the Warriors. He’s arguably the second best player on the planet and had his Oklahoma City Thunder up 3-1 against the Warriors in the 2016 Western Conference Finals before blowing the series.

The Warriors have won back-to-back titles since Durant joined their squad.