Broussard on Warriors drama: ‘KD’s gone. Period. The end.’

Warriors star Kevin Durant has been mostly linked to four teams in free agency, including the Warriors.

NBA insider Chris Broussard joined Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless on FOX Sports talk show The Undisputed to discuss the rumors surrounding Kevin Durant, the incident with Draymond Green and the two-time defending champion Golden State Warriors.

And Broussard relayed some strong thoughts on Durant, expected to enter free agency at season’s end.

“KD’s gone. Period. The end. He’s gone,” Broussard said. “We knew before this even happened he was most likely leaving. It goes beyond what Draymond said and the whole argument. It’s similar to LeBron (James) and his last year in Miami. It’s tough to be somewhere where they feel like they saved you.”

Durant, of course, joined the Warriors after the 2016 season — in which his Oklahoma City Thunder team blew a 3-1 lead vs. the Warriors in the Western Conference finals.

“They feel like, ‘We saved you.’ They don’t have to say it. They’ve joked about it. ‘You wouldn’t have these rings if it weren’t for us,'” Broussard said. “And he’s saying, ‘I played a pretty big role in those rings, too.’ So that’s the underlying feeling of KD wanting to leave, on top of some of these other issues.”

The Warriors were blown out by the Houston Rockets on Thursday in their first game following a one-game suspension served by Green.

Neither Green nor Durant discussed their Monday dust-up after the game. The Warriors have lost two of three.

“As far as this season, they have two major things going for them,” Broussard said. “One, they’re obviously just a great team. And both these guys, KD and Draymond, are entirely committed to winning another ring.

“Draymond’s legacy is winning. His legacy is not like KD’s or Steph (Curry’s) or LeBron’s, where it’s been great individual numbers and play. It’s winning championships, and he already knows he may have cost them one. So he’s totally all in.

“KD wants three rings in three years, that’s a heck of an achievement. That’s better than when LeBron went to Miami and got two in four.”

And what about the second point?

“The second thing they have going for them is it’s November,” Broussard said. “You have four, five, six months to work this out. It’s true, it’s a cliche, but time heals all wounds.

“Look, with the things Draymond said to KD, I don’t think their relationship will ever be the same. They have five months to learn how to play together, as business partners.”