Broussard: Warriors’ Durant won’t be joining LeBron, Lakers

Warriors star and free-agent-to-be Kevin Durant has repeatedly been linked to the Knicks.

NBA insider Chris Broussard says Kevin Durant’s recent comments about LeBron James, fanboy reporters and the Los Angeles Lakers offer evidence that Durant will not be joining LA in free agency.

Durant, of course, can opt out of his contract with the Golden State Warriors in July.

“I don’t think KD’s going there,” Broussard said during an appearance on the FOX Sports program Undisputed. “I think these comments were rooted in jealousy, because KD doesn’t like the way the media has treated him. But I would say, ‘KD, the criticism is the burner account. Because you told a fan shut the heck up. That’s what you’re criticized for.’

“For him to say, there’s a toxic environment around LeBron, I think what he was trying to say was, ‘I don’t want to be critical of LeBron … so let me put it on the media.'”

Watch Broussard’s full take on the KD-Lakers rumors in the video below.