Brown: Sixers ‘need help’ to chase a championship

Brett Brown is the interim general manager for the Sixers.

Brett Brown is known as a straight shooter, so when he was asked by the media on Friday what the Philadelphia 76ers must do to contend for an NBA championship, the Sixers coach didn’t hold back or hesitate.

“I think a high-level free agent is required,” Brown said. “I feel like we have the ability to attract one.”

The market will be flush with plenty of big-name talent this summer, headlined by LeBron James (if he, as expected, declines his $35.6 player option with the Cleveland Cavaliers), Kevin Durant and Paul George.

Brown, who led the 76ers to the playoffs this season, where they defeated the Miami Heat in the first round before being eliminated by the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference semifinals, believes young stars Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons, combined with the team’s culture will prove attractive to free agents because organization members “treat people well here.”

Brown believes in what is being constructed in Philadephia.

“When you walk through this door [of the practice facility] and say, ‘I can come to work here everyday,’ that’s a pretty good package,” he said. “At some point, when the time is right, I think we need help.”

Sixers team president and general manager Bryan Colangelo said the team could have approximately $25 million in salary-cap scace the summer, with the ability to create more, should they decide to chase a big-ticket player such as James.

That would require renouncing the rights to players such as J.J. Reddick, Marco Bellinelli, Ersan Ilyasova and Amir Johnson.

Colangelo agreed with Brown’s assessment that Philadephia’s roster, as presently constructed, is not built to win a title.

“To say that this group can do it now? They obviously proved they couldn’t,” he said. “Adding another talent and another piece is certainly something that we’re striving for.”

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