Bucks’ Dellavedova throws in zany shot

Bucks guard Matthew Dellavedova doesn't seem to have changed with his new team.

Former Cavaliers point guard Matthew Dellavedova is up to his old tricks with Milwaukee. 

And by tricks, we mean finding ways to make the impossible happen.

In a recent preseason game vs. Detroit, Delly threw in a crazy shot — the type of shot die-hard Cavs fans could appreciate. It was also the type that the Bucks felt was worth a tweet.

But don’t take the Bucks’ word for it. Just watch Dellavedova for yourself below:

Delly’s specialty in Cleveland was playing with guts and grit. From the looks of things, that’s not about to change in Milwaukee.

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  1. Lot to like about Delly. I wish him well on and off the court. But when the Cavs and Bucks paths cross, all bets are off.

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