Cavaliers no longer leading NBA in payroll

LeBron James' second departure from the Cavs has dropped the team's payroll from the top spot in the NBA.

The cost of employing LeBron James and putting a team around him good enough to reach four consecutive NBA Finals had the Cleveland Cavaliers atop the list of teams with the highest payrolls for almost a half-decade.

With James leaving town for the second time in the last eight seasons, this time to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers on a three-year deal with a fourth-year player option for a total of $154 million, it has already had a dramatic impact on where Cleveland ranks in the NBA as far as payroll goes.

As of today, the Cavaliers have the ninth-highest payroll for the 2018-19 season at $110,432,536.

The numbers across the league will be moving up and down once more of the big-name players, such as James with the Lakers, for instance, officially sign their new contracts.

James’ second exit has moved Cleveland below the league’s $123 million luxury-tax line, which will result in Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert not having to dig as deep to pay more tax penalties and create some flexibility for the Cavaliers.

Gilbert is expected to pay $60.6 million in luxury taxes from last season, alone. In the past four seasons, he has shelled out more in taxes than the other 29 NBA teams combined.

As of today, the NBA’s top 10 payrolls are:

* 1.   Miami $145,719,272

* 2.   Toronto $126,197,790

* 3.   Washington $125,860,972

* 4.   Oklahoma City $117,150,362

* 5.   Charlotte $114,854,146

* 6.   Portland $114,758,464

* 7.   Minnesota $112,845,881

* 8.   Detroit $111,759,243

* 9.   Cleveland $110,432,536

* 10. Denver $109,322,542

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  1. Once you loose that high end model looking girlfriend( LBJ). You now tend to notice you have more money now! LOL!!

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