Cavaliers should reset their sights on Hill

George Hill of the Kings remains on the radar of the Cavaliers and Rockets, according to a report.

Looking for a direction in which to turn, the Cleveland Cavaliers should circle back.

To George Hill, according to a report.

David Zavac, writing for The Athletic, says the Cavaliers (30-21) should reopen talks with the Sacramento Kings to bring the veteran combo guard to Northeast Ohio:

A trade of (Derrick) Rose, (Iman) Shumpert and (Jae) Crowder for Hill saves the Kings money short and long term. Crowder gets a fresh start and might be enough to get Sacramento to attach some sort of pick to the deal. Cutting bait on the wing that was supposed to be a versatile defender (Crowder) is a tough bite to swallow, but (Jeff) Green’s success makes things a bit easier. And Hill is less than a year removed from being a really valuable piece on a Utah Jazz team that made the playoffs.

The NBA trade deadline is Thursday.

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  1. I hope Cavs fans understand there is no magic trade for this team. Any player we trade for os going to play worse in Cleveland than they play anywhere else.

    Its due to a lack of leadership, lack of a system being bought into, lack of effort, and general poor management and development that is the reason Cavs struggle.

    The more trades we make the more short changed we will get time and time again because the organization and its leadership is a depreciating force.

    The best we can hope for is wholesale change from the top down. Not from the bottom up. George Hill wont make a dent in the Cavs issues, and the transaction itself will likely be another step backwards, if recent history means anything.

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