Cavs coach Lue has a gig for Kevin Garnett

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio — Kevin Garnett just retired, just turned 40, just got out of the NBA. Already, people are trying to pull him back in.

Count Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue among those people.

Garnett has already received countless offers to analyze NBA games on television and radio. Surely a guest appearance on TNT’s award-winning “Inside the NBA” awaits.

Now, Lue is offering the 15-time All-Star and future Hall-of-Famer a permanent spot assisting with the world champion Cavs.

“I’ve talked to him about it,” Lue said. “I know his wife is pushing for it a lot.”

How does Garnett feel about it?

“He said he’s not ready yet,” Lue said.

Actually, it appears Garnett is mostly going back and forth.

“He keeps saying, ‘I might do it. I might do it,'” Lue said.

Garnett will at least be in Cleveland opening night Oct. 25, when the Cavaliers face New York and receive their championship rings.

Beyond that, Lue still isn’t sure.

“We’ll see,” he said. “But I’d definitely make a spot for him if he wanted to come back and coach.”

Garnett retired with career averages of 17.8 points and 7.2 rebounds. He won one title with Boston (2008).

“I didn’t want to see him (retire),” Lue said. “I thought he’d be one of those players who played in the NBA in his teens, 20s, 30s and 40s. He just turned 40 in May.

“Seeing what he brought to the game coming out of high school and the guys who tried to mimic him … He’s been a trendsetter.”

Trendsetter, yes. But will be Garnett be a coach?

“He’ll be around a lot,” Lue said, and right now, that’s about all he could say for sure.

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  1. Be interesting what specifically he’d have him working on as coach. Defense, offense, boxing out, shooting… Or create a position specifically for him entitled “Intensity Coach”.

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