Cavs’ Green vows, ‘they’re gonna fall’ after awful Game 1

Jeff Green of the Cavaliers vows to keep shooting, despite an abysmal 0-for-7 performance in Game 1 against the Pacers on Sunday.

The man is steadfast in his beliefs, you’ve got to give him that.

While missing all seven shots he took in Game 1 in a 98-80 loss to the Indiana Pacers on Sunday, including 0-for-3 from the 3-point line, Jeff Green produced zero points, four rebounds and an assist in 27 minutes.

So, what does the man who produced the worst plus-minus in the game (minus-15) plan for Game 2 on Wednesday night at Quicken Loans Arena?

“They gonna leave me open, I’m going to continue to shoot them,” Green said after a film session and walk through Monday. “They’re gonna fall. And then they have to adjust.

“I’m not going to adjust to them they have to adjust to how I’m going to play.”

With Green starting alongside All-Stars LeBron James and Kevin Love in the Cleveland frontcourt, Pacers coach Nate McMillan opted to use center Myles Turner as Green’s primary defender.

With Green cold as ice with his shooting stroke, Turner played farther and farther off the veteran forward, making it difficult for Green to adjust by driving, while also clogging up the paint and serving as a rim protector against James’ trademark freight-train attacks of the rack.

All seven of Green’s shot attempts in Game 1 were uncontested, showing just how far Turner was sagging off him.

Green’s explanation for what ailed his shot Sunday was simple and succinct.

“Just missed shots,” he said Monday. “Just chose the wrong game to miss shots.

“That’s about it.”

Green is a career 33.2 percent shooter from the 3-point line. This season, it was even worse, 31.2 percent in 78 games for the Cavaliers.

When asked what his message to veteran forward is, Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue said basically, aggressiveness is the better part of valor.

“The message to Jeff is be aggressive,” Lue said. “I think we need him on the floor for another ballhandler when they’re pushing our guards. Attacking the basket and just don’t settle. Be aggressive.

“If you’re going to make a mistake, make an aggressive mistake. He understands that. I thought defensively he was pretty good, just offensively being more aggressive with the basketball.”

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  1. No matter what, I still think Cedi should start the game to defend Oladipo. Let Cedi use up his fouls and make oladpio work for everything. If Jeff Green starts, keep him on someone he can guard, like Bojan. You can’t expect anyone other than Cedi or LeBron to defend Oladipo. Indiana is basically a 1 man team offensively, and you need a better game plan. Lue’s starting lineup came out like it was playing Golden State. This isn;t GS, Lue. You gotta match up against the team you’re playing. If Lue loses 1 more game against Indiana, they need to put him on medical leave and let Larry Drew coach the playoffs. Lue had nearly a week to come up with a game plan for Indiana, and his plan was to guard Oladipo with Jeff Green???? Lazy coaching job if you ask me. Start Cedi at SG and keep him on Oladipo… and no switching with Larry Nance or any other big trying to defend their best player on the perimeter. I freakin hate that. There’s nothing worse than your only shot blocker switching out on the perimeter, away from the basket. The defensive scheme, if there is any, needs to change. Find a way to keep your center in the paint where he belongs!

    • Ben, AGREE! Love Cedi’s energy. His shooting could be a bit better but he HUSTLES!
      The reason I responded though is your comment about the switching. I hate it too. They’ve done it all year. AND CONTINUE TO DO IT. If you & I see it, why can NOT “Lue-ser” see it AND CORRECT IT ???? That’s 50% of the Tristan Thompson problem. He switches off every possible time, so he won’t have to guard a big. He switches when it’s obviously NOT needed. He’s then on a guard who either blows right by him for an easy layup or our shorter guards Hill, or Calderone gets shafted by the guard passing over Thompson to the rolling 6.11′ center for a slam usually with a foul called as you said–WITH NO CENTER IN THE PAINT. Nance apparently learning from TT now. ? ? ? NO COACHING !

  2. If Lue starts Green again, he’s pretty much lost as a coach.

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