Cavs’ James denies rumors of free agency list

While speaking to reporters after Friday’s shootaround in Los Angeles, Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James shot down the rumor that he has a free-agency list for this offseason, saying he’s too focused on the current task at hand — guiding the Cavs back to the NBA Finals.

Earlier this week, it was reported that James has the Los Angeles Lakers, Philadelphia 76ers, Houston Rockets and Cavs as the list of teams he plans on taking meetings with this summer.

“I’ve still got too much work to do here,” James told reporters. “One thing about me and my career, you probably don’t know, you haven’t been around me, that I handle my business accordingly, and when that time comes, I’ll take care of that. But right now, my job right now is to get these guys prepared for the Clippers tonight and then how we can continue to get better going down the stretch.”

The Cavs are in Los Angeles this weekend taking on the Clippers and Lakers. While in LA, James understands he will be serenaded by hopeful Lakers fans at the Staples Center and the overall frenzy that comes with his upcoming free-agency.

“I understand that I’m a free agent at the end of the summer, so I understand the frenzy that comes with it,” James said. “It’s not my first rodeo, but I don’t, it doesn’t bother me. I don’t talk about it too much. Like I said, I’ll handle that whenever it comes, but it’s, I understand that the conversation happens here because, first of all, they have cap space. And this league is much better when the Lakers, the Knicks and the Celtics are all good at the same time. That’s just how it is. So that’s what also creates the frenzy.

“It’s the same as I stated when I seen the Philadelphia billboards. Listen, I’m 15 years into my career, and fans and cities want me to play for their team or have dreams. I think it’s pretty cool. Listen, my kids see things like that, they think it’s cool and I think it’s cool. It’s flattering more than anything, that a fan of a team or somewhere would want me to play for their city, so it’s very flattering.”