Cavs’ tax potential not-so-luxurious

Cavaliers guard Matthew Dellavedova received the most votes in an LA Times poll.


The Cavaliers could be facing “a staggering” luxury tax bill, according to Bobby Marks, and he ought to know.

Marks spent the previous five seasons as an assistant general manager with the Nets, the most taxed team in NBA history. He has since turned himself into a social media/basketball-analyzing sensation, displaying a deep understanding of the pro game and the salary cap via his Twitter account.

Fans of the NBA who possess even the slightest knowledge of the salary cap are aware of the financial situation the Cavs are approaching — with LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love all earning maximum salaries next season. The Cavs are still negotiating with Tristan Thompson, who is expected to be a near-max guy by the time everything is settled.

As for everyone else, here are Marks’ shrewd tweets explaining the possibilities (along with some thoughts about Brendan Haywood’s expiring contract):


So in the event you’re wondering what may be the holdup in negotiations with Thompson or Dellavedova, or why the Cavs have yet to trade Haywood’s contract, or if they even will — well, Marks’ tweets should explain it all. (UPDATE: Marks responded to a tweet about the story to provide the following piece of info.)

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  1. It seems that the Cavs are more interested in pursuing a backup 3 than Delly/JR. If they can get a Dorrell Wright for a minimum + MLE remaining they can reduce Shump’s minutes at the 3 (he tends to get banged up) against bigger players, and then their need for rotation backcourt players will be lessened, giving them more leverage over Delly and perhaps no need for JR.

    • Good thoughts, Bill. You may be on to something. I like Wright. Should be interesting between now and October. – Sam A.

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