Cavs’ Thomas takes another step toward return

Isaiah Thomas is ready, willing and -- now -- able, to start at point guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers, who visit the Orlando Magic tonight.

Cleveland Cavaliers injured point guard Isaiah Thomas was seen running full-court in Detroit Sunday as the team preps for their matchup with the Pistons on Monday.

Thomas participated in full-court five-on-zero offensive drills with his teammates. The All-Star told that Sunday was the “hardest I’ve run” during the rehabilitation process and he “felt good for the most part” afterward.

The Cavs haven’t made any formal announcement in regards to Thomas’ progression. He’s still expected to be back in the lineup around January.

Thomas tells he appreciates the fact that the Cavs haven’t been rushing him back and are publicly supporting his every move.

“I’m protecting myself, so, even if they wanted me to hurry back, I’m not going to hurry back, just because I’ve got a long career ahead of me and an important summer as well,” Thomas told “So, I’ve got to make sure I’m 100 percent healthy before I step out on the floor. But these guys have not rushed me one bit. They’ve taken their time with me and I appreciate that. Because most teams, they want you out there, especially if things aren’t going well. But even with this little rut we’ve been in, it’s been like take your time. Don’t worry about this. We’ll be alright. That gives you a lot of confidence going forward, knowing that nobody’s here to rush you.”

The Cavs (9-7) have won four in a row and seem to be turning the corner. They will be without Derrick Rose and Iman Shumpert for the foreseeable future.

Jose Calderon will make his second start at point guard versus Detroit.



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  1. Good to hear an update on Isaiah. As a fan, I need to pause and take a breath on the Cavs right now. A lot of us are pissed off at the rise of the Celtics… the Cavs lost their wizard point guard to their main rival, setting up Boston for a championship. Koby Altman, the rookie, made the biggest mistake a GM can make: a deal with Danny Ainge, the craftiest GM in the league. When a team has LeBron, the fans expect greatness every single game.

    It’s hard to be patient all season and live on faith: faith that Isaiah will come back as himself, faith that Crowder will come around (that’s the most likely case), and faith that the Brooklyn pick will turn into something way better than a shitty lottery pick. That’s a lot of faith to go on as the Celtics are going on a rampage across the NBA.

    But the one thing Cavs can rely on is that LeBron waill come through. Wade has been looking awesome. The bench is solid with Green and Korver. So yeah, Isaiah could be the Next Answer, with all due respect to Iverson.

    • What was the GM suppose to do, Boston was the only team that offered this much for Kyrie, the other teams did not offer anything, they had to let Kyrie go because he didn’t want to be here anymore. Boston is on a winning spree right now and it not how you start it’s how you finish, Cleveland Indians set all kinds of records this year and what did that get them, NOTHING

  2. Sam, I was wondering your thoughts on why Cedi wasn’t getting more minutes. He seems athletic and a willing defender it seems like he would be good balance to the older vets?

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