Dribbles: More Love supposedly next for Cavs

Cavaliers power forward Kevin Love could be one of several more stars on the move this summer.

Random dribbles on the Cavaliers, who continue to await their opponent in the Eastern Conference finals.

1. Can the Boston Celtics handle business on Friday? That’s the question the Cavs and their fans are asking. The Celtics hold a 3-2 series lead over the Washington Wizards. The winner of the series is the Cavs’ next opponent. But can the Celtics win in Washington?

2. If the Celtics win, the Cavs travel to Boston on Monday for Game 1 of the conference finals. If the Wizards win, Game 1 of the conference finals won’t tip off until Wednesday. So for the Cavs, it’s a lot of sitting … wondering … and waiting.

3. But hey, it’s also a lot of practice and rest, and we all saw how well that served the Cavs vs. Toronto. That was especially the case for (who else?) LeBron James.

4. For more on LeBron, check out my column, Cavs’ King again playing like ring is the thing.

5. Yeah, that’s how slow things are right now. I’m badgering you to read my old stuff because nothing new is really happening. (Unless you’re into Browns rookie camp. And I love the Browns, but I sure ain’t.)

6. Anyway, one new development came out of practice Thursday. That’s when Cavs coach Tyronn Lue told reporters he wants to get Kevin Love more involved in the offense.

7. Lue to reporters: “Some of it’s my fault because we haven’t really featured him a lot because of the matchups. He’s been great. His whole mindset is winning and that’s what it’s all about in the playoffs. In this next series, we have some matchups he can definitely take advantage of and it’s on me to make sure we do that.”

8. First, I think Lue is the perfect coach for this team. Second, I have no idea why matchups mean anything. Just get the guy the ball in the post. But it’s on Love to make sure he gets down there — and not stand around the 3-point line and wave his arms like he’s chasing down a taxi.

9. I talked more about that very subject with Andy Baskin and Jeff Phelps of 92.3 The Fan. Give a listen here.

10. The Cavs are strongly considering signing Kent State forward Jimmy Hall to their summer-league roster. I spoke with Hall about his NBA plans. You can read it here: Kent State’s Hall ready to tackle pro dreams.

11. Finally, I talked about the possibility of the Cavs and Warriors meeting for a third straight Finals — and if it’s good or bad for the NBA. You can check it in the new edition of the Amico Report Cavaliers Podcast right here.

12. The Cavs will likely return to practice Saturday (although we’ve received no official word). I think the Wizards will win Friday, but the Celtics will win Game 7 … and the Cavs will have to wait until Wednesday to open the conference finals at Boston. Just a hunch, though. Either way, thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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