Dribbles: Cavs go retro, get modern result

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love could start alongside LeBron James in the All-Star Game.

Random dribbles on the Cavaliers’ 114-84 hammer job of the visiting Miami Heat on Friday:

1. Disclaimer: I did not attend Friday’s game for the usual reasons. Namely, I wasn’t required to be there and my son had his own basketball that I needed to handle. And handle it I did. I mean, I’m not too bad for a washed up old guy.

2. OK, I’m awful.

3. Anyway, you know things are going well for the home team when I spend the first five or six sentences writing about nothing. (Some of you may argue that nothing is precisely what I write about every time.)

4. It was 1980s night and the Cavs wore their bright orange uniforms. For those reasons alone, I’m terribly sad I missed it. The Heat are so bad that I kept waiting for them to put in Crockett and Tubbs of “Miami Vice” fame. (Google it, kids.)

5. I did watch the game, and like you, I could see it took a while for the Cavs to get going. But once they did, this suddenly became the Harlem Globetrotters vs. Dairy Queen East.

6. Kevin Love missed shootaround with back spasms. But the orange jersey must have healing power, because he finished with 28 points, 15 rebounds and looked a lot like Larry Bird did back when the Cavs boasted names such as World B. Free, “Dinner Bell” Mel Turpin and Lonnie Shelton.

7. Shelton was a nasty power forward who once turned the tables on a potential mugger. Then Shelton held down the potential mugger and instead of pounding him, preached the gospel until the police arrived.

8. True story … we think.

9. As for the modern-day Cavs (16-5), it’s clear they’re taking things seriously again. They’ve won three straight after their three-game belch. It helps when two of those opponents are the Knicks and what’s left of the Heat, but you can only beat who’s on the schedule. Right? Right.

10. LeBron James finished with 27 points to move into ninth on the NBA’s all-time scoring list. Kyrie Irving scored 23. Dating back to 2014, the Big Three are 15-2 when each hits at least 20.

11. As I wrote in my Cavs-Hornets preview, LeBron sounds iffy about playing Saturday.

12. LeBron to reporters who actually attended the game: “As far as health-wise, I’m able to go, but Coach (Tyronn Lue) and the training staff have some type of program about me and I’ll go with whatever they say.”

13. J.R. Smith (knee) sounds doubtful, and it wouldn’t be a huge shocker (albeit a bit of a surprise) if Love rested. The latter is pure speculation on my part, though.

14. Iman Shumpert may have had his best game of the year with 10 points and four rebounds. The Cavs outscored the Heat by 16 with Shump on the floor. Everyone who cares about Cleveland basketball hopes it can continue.

15. Meanwhile, the poor Heat (7-16) dressed just eight guys. They were led by 17 points from Derrick Williams, the forgotten forward drafted one pick after Irving back in 2011.

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