Dribbles: LeBron, Cavs to end silence soon

Cavs star LeBron James has never missed a season opener in his career.

Five more quick dribbles on the Cavaliers, as well as a poll to vote at the end.

1. The Cavs don’t care who they play in the Eastern Conference finals. Really, they don’t. They think if they’re locked in and engaged and LeBron James is still LeBron James, they’re the favorites.

2. Speaking of LeBron, while I’m never big on the idea of media members talking about their jobs (we’re not that interesting), Sports Illustrated interviewed Cavs writers Dave McMenamin and Brian Windhorst about covering the team — or more specifically, James. Both writers work for ESPN, and McMenamin revealed this little tidbit: “The Cavs are in the midst of a nine-day layoff in between playoff series, the longest such break of James’ time in Cleveland. James informed Cleveland’s PR department that he will not be talking to the press until the Cavs have an Eastern Conference opponent to discuss.”

3. In other words, don’t plan to hear from the King of Cleveland Basketball again until Tuesday. And that’s just fine. I’ve always thought LeBron has talked to the media too much. Don’t misunderstand. James is extremely gracious with his time and that’s admirable. He knows HE is always the biggest story. But sometimes, I think he runs the risk of getting misunderstood, getting his words blown way into of proportion. We all do the more often we talk, tweet, post, etc.

4. I’m really struggling to come up with two more thoughts on the Cavs. They just need a game, man. I think the NBA really must work harder on scheduling. No team should have nine days off. I can see a week. But NINE days? Teams don’t even get that long between media day and the first preseason game in October.

5. That said, the rest can only benefit James and especially, Kyrie Irving, who has really struggled with his shot. As for everything else, my biggest hope for the Cavs is that coach Tyronn Lue has figured out a way to get Kevin Love and J.R. Smith more involved. (Some of that, of course, is on Love and Smith themselves.)

BONUS DRIBBLE: You can check out more Cavs dribbles here. And in case you missed it, the Cavs have expressed an interest in a draft prospect. Read about it here. And, of course, the poll is below.

BONUS DRIBBLE II: The Cavs will be holding a press conference Monday afternoon to announce a partnership with Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. The Cavs will sport a Goodyear patch on their jerseys next season and reportedly have a new look.


Who would you rather see the Cavs face in the East finals?

Washington Wizards
Boston Celtics

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