Clippers aim to bring both Durant and Leonard to other LA

Raptors star Kawhi Leonard is said to have an interest in the Clippers.

The Los Angeles Clippers are hoping Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant and Toronto Raptors star Kawhi Leonard will have eyes for LA. And even if not, the Clippers apparently have eyes for Durant and Leonard.

According to a report from Brian Windhorst of ESPN, the Clippers have a bold plan to land Durant and Leonard.

“The Clippers, it seems, closely watch every Raptors and Warriors game this season,” Windhorst reported.

Both Durant and Leonard are set to enter free agency in the offseason. They also are playing for the two best teams in their respective conferences. Why either would want to leave remains one of basketball’s great mysteries.

But the Clippers apparently don’t care about any of that. As Windhorst noted, they will have two maximum salary slots available and legendary player and executive Jerry West helping to run the show.

“They’ve been treating the (Durant and Leonard) like college recruits and sending executives just to watch numerous Warriors and Raptors games so they’re visible,” Windhorst wrote.

He later added, “For the past decade, superstar free agency has perhaps become the most important part of league business. We’ve seen teams increasingly raise the bar on what they’ll do to draw one of the handful of game-changers in July.”

The Clippers haven’t been major players in free agency in the past. But if the coming summer plays out like they hope, well, that will change for forever.