Colangelo was powerless to save his job with Sixers

Bryan Colangelo's fate with the 76ers was sealed before the Twitter incident was even investigated, according to a report.

Bryan Colangelo’s fate was all but sealed when news of the incident on Twitter first broke.

So says Marcus Hayes of The Philadelphia Inquirer of Colangelo, who resigned from his post Thursday as president of basketball operations after an investigation into burner accounts on Twitter that revealed sensitive information and included critical comments regarding 76ers players and opponents belonged to his wife.

Hayes concluded:

We pettily accused Colangelo of insecurities he never displayed. We largely ignored his considerable achievements: The team improved by 18 games in his first season, then by 24 more in his second, with a playoff series win.

But none of that could save him..

Not after her obstruction became a smoking gun. The Sixers had to assume that whatever information that phone contained incriminated Bryan beyond any doubt, reasonable or otherwise.

They could never trust him again.

Neither can anyone else.

The law firm hired to investigate the situation came to the conclusion Colangelo acted in a “reckless” and “careless” manner, even though the burner accounts were shown to belong to his wife, Barbara Bottini.

The investigators said they could not prove Colangelo was aware of the accounts, but in turn, could not find evidence that he was not aware of them.

Hayes writes trust among both management and the players with Colangelo had already been lost.

The organization named coach Brett Brown to fill in with the position until a replacement president of basketball operations can be found.