Courage under fire: NBA refs to live tweet during Game 3

If something happens such as this in Game 3 tonight, with Tony Brothers trying to explain a controversial call, it will be live tweeted by the ref's union on their official account.

Anyone who has watched Games 1 and 2 of the NBA Finals realizes the officiating has been, well, to be kind, less than stellar.

Apparently, the NBA referees have heard the same and in what appears to be an attempt at some damage control after several missed or incorrect games in the first two games, the NBRA — the referees’ union — will be life tweeting Game 3 of the Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers tonight last Quicken Loans Arena.

The NBRA says it will watch tonight’s game and respond with reactions to what goes on during the game and, presumably, offer explanations to the conversation on Twitter being led by fans.

Can you imagine what would have happened down the stretch of Game 1? Especially, on the block-charge call on Kevin Durant of the Warriors that was initially called a charge on Durant, then after controversially going to replay, changed to a blocking call on LeBron James of the Cavaliers.

Or how about in Game 2, when James was undercut in the open floor by Steph Curry of the Warriors, only to have no call be made?

There’s not an an avenue for this to go well for the NBRA. Cleveland fans have been steamed pretty much from the opening tip of these Finals, with a stream of calls going against their underdog team, only lengthening the odds against the Cavaliers pulling off a stunning upset in this series.

If the calls continue to go against the Cavaliers tonight, their fans will be ready with torches and pitchforks.

On the other hand, if the calls suddenly begin to go Cleveland’s way, it will come across as the officials attempting to make good on what went down in Games 1 and 2.

Regardless, NBRA on Twitter will be must-read material.

2 Comments on "Courage under fire: NBA refs to live tweet during Game 3"

  1. COLTON, You are SO correct. I thought it right after game 2. It’s going to be horrible either way.
    If officials make calls & Cavs actually DO win tonight, GREAT for CLE fans but many will just say it’s payback from the refs.—more of the rigged system. They have SO messed this up. Not sure I CAN EVEN WATCH TONIGHT. The appearance is not good. If it goes the way they did before, it’s a sweep, if not, well….
    Game 1 was a horrible debacle, & Game 2 was actually just as bad, when “the Tackle” happened(A mere “no-call” it was NOT—DID ANYONE DO A REAL GOOD SLOW-MO LOOK AT CURRY’S LEFT LEG, LIFTING TO TRIP LEBRON–That particular part was never mentioned, because it would possibly bring a (DARE I SAY IT) SUSPENSION–AGAINST LEAGUE GOLDEN BOY–STEPH CURRY??? MAKES IT EVEN MORE EGREGIOUS !!
    No one is discussing THAT ONE ! Somebody should !

    • Hey, DR… I’m going to copy, paste and frame the first words words of your comment… they have not been uttered much, if ever! lol To your point, the officiating has been anything but good in Games 1 and 2. In Game 1, it completely turned the game over, IMHO. In Game 2, the calls early pretty much set the tone for the night. The plays you described are spot on. I would imagine we will see some calls go the other way in Game 3 tonight, but we can only wonder if it’s too little, too late. Game 1 was the best game the Cavaliers have played all season and could have, OK, should have, completely changed the complexion of this series. Well done on your comment, sir.

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