Dribbles: Cavs ‘beyond busy’ with LeBron decision looming

Cavaliers star LeBron James is expected to opt out of his contract and hit free agency Friday.

Random dribbles on the Cleveland Cavaliers as their biggest offseason since 2014 awaits.

1. It’s no secret that Cavs general manager Koby Altman and owner Dan Gilbert are busy pursuing trades to try to improve the club with LeBron James expected to opt out of his contract Friday.

2. As ESPN reported, the Cavs even picked up the option on Kendrick Perkins’ deal to help facilitate a trade.

3. According to league sources, the Cavs are “beyond busy” exploring trades and are “deep” in scenarios to add a dynamic player or two.

4. And yes, among the ideas is to clear cap space to land Oklahoma City Thunder star Paul George and/or Houston Rockets free-agent Chris Paul, as ESPN also reported. Nothing is close, but nothing has been shot down, either.

5. Dave McMenamin of ESPN shared similar news earlier. “Team sources told ESPN that the Cavs ‘continue to explore all options to improve’ heading into LeBron James’ decision about his future with the franchise,” he wrote.

6. Meanwhile, the Cavs have indeed been in touch with LeBron’s camp, as Altman mentioned on the night of the draft. Sources told Amico Hoops that LeBron’s team has done nothing to ensure LeBron is staying — but the Cavs have not been discouraged, either.

7. In fact, the front office seems to not only believe the Cavs are squarely in the mix for LeBron, but perhaps the team to beat.

8. The Los Angeles Lakers also believe they stand a good chance because … well, they’re the Lakers. But despite some reports that LeBron has already reached a decision, many around the league feel he is merely leaning one way — and waiting to see if anyone can put together a great reason for him to leave Cleveland.

9. Granted, it won’t be easy for the Cavs to land a George or a Paul. Because of they’re already so deep into the luxury tax, they can’t receive players in sign-and-trade arrangements. Instead, the Cavs will have to find a way to miraculously clear cap space with trades, then convince George and/or Paul to join in free agency.

10. One side note to all that: The Cavs believe it’s possible.

11. ESPN reported San Antonio Spurs star Kawhi Leonard could be a big player in all this, and that sure sounds right. The Lakers want Leonard, with or without LeBron. Apparently, like George, Leonard wants the Lakers, too. But without at least one, it’s hard to envision LeBron landing in LA.

12. Finally, yes, the Spurs are among the teams being called on by the Cavs. Other than the Cavs trying to pry away Leonard, there’s no information on who else is being discussed. If a deal ever happens, you can bet it will cost the Cavs at least Kevin Love or first-round draft pick Collin Sexton — or both.

4 Comments on "Dribbles: Cavs ‘beyond busy’ with LeBron decision looming"

  1. We need to find a way to create a new big 3 with LeBron, Kawhi Leonard and CP3… trade Love, Hill, and whoever else it takes not named LeBron. It’s way past time to trade Love. 4 years of Love has been 4 too many imo. Hill is garbege. Korver shouldve retired 2 years ago. Get rid of them all. It’s time for an upgrade. Let Jeff Green walk. Sign Dwight Howard cheap, and get a younger shooter to replace Korver.

  2. There are a lot of pieces in play and it looks like things can go anywhere. Kawhi Leonard may be the biggest domino in all this. Where he goes could end up shifting the whole league’s power structure beyond the Warriors at the very top. It’s going to be a great off-season!

  3. LBJ, Leonard and CP3… make it happen… in Cleveland!

  4. Honestly, I would like would like to see CP3 and PG13, even Howard if he would be willing to take a pay cut and go for a championship. I personally wouldn’t want to come up off what it would cost us to get Leonard, especially if it has been pretty much mad a lock by him personally that no matter where he ends up this season he will least next summer to be a Laker. So why give away so much for a rental? Not just a rental but keep in mind that yes he is a top notch all around player but this past season he played in I believe 6 games, had teammates like Parker talking bad about him publicly. I can’t recall Parker ever talking that way about anyone especially a teammate. I just personally anyways think he handled the whole 17/18 season and this offseason with nothing but pure immaturity and do we need or want that around our team especially if we can possibly manage to keep our hands on Young Bull, Nance Jr., and Hood. I mentioned also on LinkedIn & Twitter I Think LBJ has far more than proven himself as if not the greatest all-around NBA player than one of the top 2,3. Titles will just get him torn to shreds by fans, players, analysis, experts etc… because he could only do it with a loaded team. If he just stays home loyal and dedicated to the people that have been to him since (at least in Akron) he was about 13/14 when I had first begun to hear about him. Youngest Individual ever to be on the COVER of SI, $100,000,000.00 Nike contract at 18 and not even technically a professional player yet, just finished HS (imagine that for your graduation present, top it off now it’s a lifetime Nike deal, Ohh first one ever.). He seems well aware and fairly protective of his public image especially since taking his talents to south beach (of course with a LOADED team lose the finals to a nowhere near as loaded team, Much like the warriors make it sound like about losing a title to us. He flat out stays to be with his people, fans, friends family. Kids can enjoy the same school he played for etc…while he helps that team grow, remains top notch and at the very least playoff bound for many moons. Hell wishes I could tell him all this lol. I’m tired have been sick and not sleeping so I may be way off and not even realize it lmao but life and I have been down one steep seriously thin and twisted highway, in other words, I’ve learned a lot and have found a different perspective to look at things.

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