Dribbles: Right now, Cavs in world of hurt

Kyrie Irving and the Cavaliers have had no answer for Steph Curry and the Warriors. (Getty)

Random dribbles on the Cavaliers’ embarrassment of a 110-77 loss to the host Warriors in Game 2 of the Finals.

1. Well, at least the series shifts to Cleveland now. Don’t know about you, but if I’m rooting for the Cavs, that’s about all I can come up with.

2. Seriously, though. If the Cavs hope to overcome their 2-0 deficit, they’d better man up. It’s time to put on your big boy pants, it’s time to quit being so soft, it’s time to stop letting the Warriors push you around and clap in your face.

3. Even Cavs coach Tyronn Lue said it: “We’ve got to be tougher.”

4. LeBron James had a near triple-double (19 points, nine assists, eight rebounds), but that doesn’t mean he was good. At least, he was not good for a guy who’s supposed to be leading the way.

5. James committed seven turnovers, too often looked lost on defense and couldn’t muster a single point in the first quarter.

6. That’s not to question LeBron’s overall greatness. But he’s been to six straight Finals and it’s up to him to set the winning example on the court. He failed to be that leader in Game 2.

7. That said, LeBron cannot be expected to carry a team to a title by himself. As sad as it is to admit, he just may not be that guy anymore. Plus, he’s getting zero help.

8. Kyrie Irving (10 points) and Kevin Love (five before leaving with a head injury) were supposed to be the younger stars who made winning a championship easier this time around. Oftentimes, though, their inexperience on this stage really shows.

9. Unless the Cavs pull off the biggest shocker in Finals history and come back to win this thing, it may be time to put an end to the current version of the Big Three. So far, it’s fizzled.

10.  But that’s talk for another day. Right now, the Cavs have to figure out a way to get involved in this series and give themselves a fighting chance. Don’t ask, though. I have no idea how.

11. But I would’ve said the same thing about the Raptors when they were down 2-0 to the Cavs. I saw no reason for hope. But then they went to Toronto and whipped the Cavs twice. If the Cavs can do the same, and tie the series at 2-all … well, let’s just wait and see.

12. The Warriors have totally shut down the Cavs from the perimeter. Actually, the Warriors held the Cavs to just 35 percent shooting overall in Game 2.

13. But the Cavs were just 5-of-23 on 3-pointers — including a 3-of-16 brickfest by the starters. Former coach and current analyst Hubie Brown called the Cavs’ inability to repeat their early playoff marksmanship the “biggest upset of the Finals.”

14. Love is going through the NBA’s concussion protocol and may not be available for Game 3 Wednesday at The Q. If he can’t play, Lue can either go smaller and start Richard Jefferson or go bigger with Channing Frye — who’s been MIA in the first two games. Jefferson has actually done some nice things.

15. I could ramble on and on about Game 2, but what’s the point? This series starts Wednesday. That has to be the Cavs’ approach — and they’d better pull it together, toughen up and make it clear to the Warriors that this will no longer be easy.

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  1. No player can win a championship by themselves. It takes a whole TEAM to win. I think it’s time to put an end to this fraudulent “Big 3.” It’s really just a “Big 1” in LeBron. Love and Kyrie aren’t holding up their end of the bargain. LeBron is basically in the Finals by himself for a second straight year. In Game 3, LeBron shouldn’t even pass the ball since he’s not getting help anyways.
    I’m still shocked that the refs allowed play to continue with Love knocked out under the basket. That allowed the Warriors to get an easy 2 points. Lue is going to have stand up for his team and stop with all of this foolishness about not wanting to say anything to the refs. He’s the head coach and that’s part of the job. He has to stop being a punk and tell these refs off. These refs are pure GARBAGE.
    Lue has done an ATROCIOUS job coaching in the Finals. The Cavs are getting beat down and he just stands there like a deer in headlights. He needs to get his act together.

  2. aurora dizon | June 6, 2016 at 3:20 am |

    Why can’t we accept our players are not good, compare them one to one with the warriors, they are garbage as you saw in the games. Our players like JR is erratic and plays golf instead of practicing, Iman singing, and all the rest are crap. No true shooters in this team, just baggages. We do not know how to evaluate players and train them. Damon Jones ,asst. coach for shooting, is laughable. What has he accomplish, just being a friend of Lebron. Remove James Jones, JR, Delly who tries but really not good, just very confident in shooting even if he is not a true shooter. Get Players like Wiggins who are tall, athletic and has a future. Love is a coward, has to be protected and cannot even jump a little, shooting erratic. Kerr hows how to choose refusing to get Love. Verejao is not laughing at cleveland. he will get a ring. We will not get a title now and forever.

  3. aurora dizon | June 6, 2016 at 3:29 am |

    Verejao is now laughing at cleveland, even snickering. Lou is not a good coach. Afraid to be creative, does not change even if it was not working. Remember Doc Rivers is not a good coach also, with all this talents that he got he could not win after that one title in Boston. Just like Love. You are already losing anyway, why not try another rotation. They made a mistake in not training Mozgov, now it is too late. Remove Mo or all of them, just keep the Big 3 even if they are not good anymore. Green is better now than Lebron. Why was there no punishment for hitting Love on the head. If the NBA loves them so much, keep warriors and the rest of the team in the NBA leave the NBA. Too much unfairness. Make another league.

  4. Im with Sam on a few things, more so on the fact that now the series switches to Cleveland. While there’s still a glimmer of hope I won’t just give up on the cavs even if last nights game it appeared they’d totally given up on themselves. Our last hope that rings true is the series doesn’t start until you lose at home. But with feeling just totally disappointed about the effort put forward by the cavs, just can’t help but wonder if last night we lost much more than just the game.

    I guess from a fan stand point when Two teams go at eachother full out 100% guts and determination….I can cop that in the end the other team can have the better over all talent a deeper squad if you will, that they probably can end up being just that much the better. But this is so far has not even been a contest…

    What really hurts and is the kick in the guts to me is just the absolute non effort in that they practically quit on each other in last nights game. That as soon as things seem to get tougher they quit, showed no heart just absolutley let the Warriors clown them.

    They looked almost resigned to the fact that oh well we can’t beat this team there just better than us so we won’t even man up and try. Coach Lue looked like a dear in the headlights just instead of being pro active and trying anything, something early he was reactive he too was just willing to just take it. The Warriors when infront of the media even if they don’t want to come out and flat out say it, there laughing there asses of inside at how easy this series is and how much they downright do not even respect the cavs as an opponent. The have not one inch of fear about losing this series let alone any game.

    Cavs need to find something and they can start by looking in the mirror and manning the hell up. With such tragedy in the passing of the great Muhammad Ali, all the cavs team including the coach commented about how much he inspired them to be who they are and they try to set the example of how they are today because of Ali.

    Those were just words, empty words it seems to me. They should be embarrassed to even mention the great Muhanmmad Ali’s name and associate his values with themselves. With that performance they downright disrespected some of the values Ali stood for, he never quit when it got too hard. He never backed down from anything no matter how tough the challenge. If Ali had been with us and seen what happened last night he would have been embarrassed and disgusted with cavs lack of heart, no fight.

  5. Another coaching disaster. Last year people said that Steve Kerr just let the Warriors players play, that they did not need coaching. That was obliviously wrong. We saw it in the OKC series. When GSW was down 3:1 , it was Kerr who made the adjustments to get his team back on track. He also gave his team the belief that they can do it. And he has completely outcoached Lue this series. Lue is not a creative coach. He has no imagination, can’t improvise. He is as stagnant a coach as can possibly be. But this is not really a surprise. This is a makeshift head coach. He only got the job because of his relations with Lebron. Honestly, if you fire your coach half season , with a 30:11 record, you would think it would be to bring in a Pat Riley/ Phil Jackson/ Greg Popovich type of coach. Not a rookie assistant. That’s what you get for listening to Lebron. I can’t be too angry at Lue. He does what he can. He just can’t do much. His strategies might work for the weak Eastern conference, but don’t hold water when the chips are down. It takes a smart, bold, imaginative coach to cover for inexperience. Otherwise we get what we see in the first 2 games. Perhaps Lue can find some coaching IQ in his veteran assistants. The problem is they are all intimidated by Lebron. I suspect no one will speak their true mind in his presence, for fear of going the Blatt way.
    Once again, it appears that what will be remembered of this season is how Griffin fired a great coach for all the wrong reasons. I doubt that the Cavs would have looked so pathetic, at this juncture of the season , with Blatt running the show. You don’t need to look far, just remember the heroic performance by the Cavs in last year’s playoffs. Sure, Lebron was the one executing, but he could not have gotten anywhere close to what he did with Lue at the helm. I doubt they would have made the finals last year with Lue, let alone have a 6 game series with GSW, stealing a game away from home.
    When you see a team where all the players are not performing to their best, look no further than the coach. The NBA is considered by many a players league. They are the stars. They get the big bucks. They call the shots. But you can see what happens when you let them play without coaching. It’s just 5 guys running around with a ball. The coach is the conductor. Without him, all the players are off tune, and there is no real team.
    I hope I am wrong, and that Lue is just having a bad couple of days. But the truth is, I have not seen anything from him to prove otherwise. He appears to be out-coached , and on his way out of Cleveland. I doubt any team will hire him as head coach.
    Meanwhile, Blatt signed a 3.8 Mil $ net 2-years contract in Turkey, which he will get on top of his 4 Mil $ a year in Cleveland. with his guaranteed contract. Smart guy. I hope he comes back to the NBA one day. The league needs smart , experienced coaches like him, not afraid to take risks, and pull out rabbits out of the hat like he did last year.
    One last thing: the media here crowned Blatt as a genius offensive coach. In fact, all his career he was a great defense coach. In Cleveland, it was rumored that Lue was the defensive assistant coach. I seriously doubt that, seeing the Cavs’ miserable defense tonight. No greatness there. But last year, the Cavs had a great defense most of the time. Think about that.

  6. Soon the Cleveland Media will have to stop kissing Lue’s behind all the time and admit that firing DB was a big mistake and that Lue is really not ready for this. It is embarrassing to keep saying players are not good when the coach has made 0 adjustments. They talked him up as they usually do. Every loss under DB was his fault, and every loss under Ty is the players fault…and then we wonder how Trump is possible in America…

  7. ^^ been saying it since the firing. Lue may know a little more about the NBA and match ups, but Blatt seemed to have a deeper understanding of HIS team and it’s limitations. Blatt obviously did something right in terms of maximizing the teams defensive abilities. All of that has been lost since his firing.

    I think Blatt understood that you will never outgun the Golden State Warriors with the team that was put together. But you can force them out of their element by slowing the game down. Of I remember correctly, Blatt was able to win 2 games against them and keep the others relatively close; with the exception of the last game he coached against GSW which caused his firing after losing to 30+…but GSW had a special game that night where they shot 70+% from the field. And remember the Christmas game? We had a shot at winning that game, but LEBRON missed 3 of 4 FT in the final 2 minutes. Anyways Blatt is gone so back to now.

    The problems that the Cavs are having are very similar to the problems OKC showed with their epic collapse after getting a 3-1 lead. They stopped trusting each other and lost their confidence. Their long-range shit is completely gone and their presence in the paint is non-existent. The Cavs we saw dominate in the EC playoffs are nowhere to be found. Can they turn it around? Maybe, but probably not. It’ll be tough to get the crowd to be a major factor coming back to CLE with those 2 miserable losses and the history of heartbreak with Cleveland sports.

    It will definitely be an interesting offseason for the Cavs. Almost everyone will be on the chopping block. Griffin could very well be fired for axing Blatt and having the replacement get embarrassed in the finals. Love could very well be shipped out (even though I think he is a valuable asset to the team despite everyone’s disdain for him). And Kyrie needs to go. No defense, inconsistent. That’s the end of my rant.

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