Durant on himself: ‘The guy in OKC was the phony’

Kevin Durant reportedly says we're actually seeing the real KD with the Warriors.

Kevin Durant has changed more than a bit since his days with the Oklahoma City Thunder and joined the Golden State Warriors.

Even Durant says, aside from the obvious — he’s now a two-time NBA champion and the Most Valuable Player of the last two Finals — he was a “phony” during his days in Oklahoma City.

Chris Broussard of FOX Sports, appearing on First Things First, says Durant texted that message to him, Durant adding, “the guy you see now is the real me.”

Broussard said Durant was going through some real-life struggles during his time in Oklahoma City.

“He’s a conflicted guy. There’s a part of him that’s religious,” Broussard said of Durant, who signed as a free agent with Golden State after the 2016 season, when the Warriors were stunned in the Finals by the Cleveland Cavaliers. “He has ministers come visit him and hang out with him during the season. Then there’s a big part of him that’s doing things that don’t match up with his faith.

“He was engaged a few years ago. His fiancee broke up with him, she said he stopped living like a Christian. And I’ve talked to him about that. He’s conflicted in that regard with who he is in terms of that.”

             NBA EJECTION LEADERS — 2017-18

             PLAYER                  TEAM               EJECTIONS      TECHNICALS

  • 1. Kevin Durant            Golden State      5                           14
  • 2. Draymond Green     Golden State      3                          15
  • 3. Markieff Morris        Washington       2                          13
  • 3. Robin Lopez             Chicago               2                           11
  • 3. Marcus Morris         Boston                 2                           11
  • 3. Kyle Lowry                Toronto              2                           10
  • 3. DeMarcus Cousins  New Orleans      2                           10

Then, there’s the aggressive on-the-court demeanor from Durant that has come out since he became a Warrior. Durant led the NBA with five ejections last season, two more than the runner-up — his tag-team partner in Golden State, Draymond Green, who was given the heave-ho three times. Durant was also second in technical fouls last season with 14, trailing only, you guessed it, Greenn who led with 15. Durant had eight technical fouls and no ejections in the 2016-17 season, his first with Golden State.

“And then on the court … the guy we saw in Oklahoma City was not cursing all the time, was not being as aggressive in terms of arguing and maybe fighting with guys or getting technicals,” Broussard said.

“Durant texted me and said ‘the guy you see now is the real me. The guy in Oklahoma City was the phony — I was just trying to please everybody and do what I thought everybody wanted me to do.’”

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  1. So the real Kevin Durant is a total dick? Because that’s the big change that jumps out at me. He’s imitating Draymond… not a good influence. As for his sex life, who cares? He’s getting any woman he wants. No need to settle down this young, or ever, for that matter. Watching the Warriors rack up technical fouls is a joke. Anytime I see Steve Kerr throwing a total shit fit on the side lines, I think, what are you so pissed off about? You’re up by 30 points and still flipping out at the refs. Makes no sense to me.

    • Hey, Todd. Though I was not nearly as, um, “colorful,” in my description of the “real” Durant as you, it’s difficult to disagree with your assessment. It’s almost as if being on the best team in the league makes guys feel like they can do, and say, anything they want. To each his own, huh?

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