Exec after makeover: LeBron now likely to remain with Cavaliers

The high-noon, deadline-day makeover done by Cleveland Cavaliers general manager Koby Altman and assistant GM Mike Gansey has received mostly favorable reviews across the NBA landscape.

The immediate benefits of adding Jordan Clarkson, Larry Nance Jr., George Hill and Rodney Hood should be obvious, though it may take a while for them to be fully integrated into Cleveland’s offensive and defensive schemes, and until All-Star Kevin Love returns from a broken left hand.

However, the long-term benefit of the massive roster remake could pay dividends again this summer, when LeBron James most likely declines his $35 million player option and becomes an unrestricted free agent for the third time in his career.

So says an unnamed NBA executive in a story by Sean Deveney of the Sporting News.

“I would have said it was a 50-50 proposition that he would go back to Cleveland this summer before all of this, even a week ago,” one league executive told Sporting News. “I think this moves it more in the Cavs’ favor. They’re younger and deeper. If the lifestyle is all the same to him, and I don’t know that it is, I’d think he would stay in Cleveland.

“I would put it from 50-50 a week ago to now, something like 75-25 that he stays. Even if they don’t win this year, they’ve given themselves room to grow.”

Deveney’s excellent story makes it clear the work of Altman, Gansey and owner Dan Gilbert transformed the team, almost on the fly, and have put the onus back on James to make his choice much more difficult.

“The way the Cavs had been constructed, surrounding James with elderly ex-stars and role players who have been dented by injury, made it all too easy for him to look at the Cleveland roster going forward and walk away to the LA sunshine, content with having brought the franchise the 2016 title,” Deveney writes.

“But can James walk away from a team that could be slated for a rebirth, with or without him? Hood is a talented wing, a potential 20-22 points-per-game scorer. Clarkson has Sixth Man of the Year potential. Nance is a valuable role player. Young internationals Cedi Osman and Ante Zizic should be ready to contribute next season. And there’s a strong chance the Cavs wind up with a top-five pick in a top-heavy draft.”

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  1. If you continue the kyrie trade to this deadline, the Cavs won a lopsided deal.

    Go Cavs!

    • Well we used pieces that we received in the Irving deal to make both trades I’m not counting the Wade deal that was more of a get him out of here thing but we didn’t give up anything huge n either deal we retained the Brooklyn pick and from what I saw against Boston we are more dynamic all the way around have more all around players that can score get back much faster on defense and not only that it brought life back into the guys that are still here they are playing with purpose again and I’m loving it so far so all in all the Kyrie trade doesn’t look so bad now this may even help us retain LBJ and to think we still have Love coming back and will have a decent draft pick by next season someone that could come in and contribute right away as a role player next to everyone else and if need be will have the ability to trade Love Love for some another high draft choice to free up some money to try and sign another superstar maybe a Paul Goerge or someone they did such a good job securing us for years to come we have a lot of options coming up Super Happy I don’t think they could of pulled that off much better

      Go Cavs!!!!!!!

      • Hey there, Big.. That was certainly quite a game to watch, huh? I agree with everything you said, save for the part about trading Love. The one thing this team is definitely in need of is size. And they don’t come much more versatile as far as big guys go in today’s version of the NBA than Love. Regardless, we appreciate you reading us!

    • Hey, pihc.. A most excellent point, sir. Thanks for reading us!

  2. I have to be honest, watching some of those last games with the squad we had was tough. It reminded me of those years, prior to Lebron coming back. But it began with that Minnesota game, and with the new squad in, we actually have a winning streak going. And I agree, the future looks much brighter than it had a week ago. I’, looking forward to the game tomorrow night with the Thunder. Go Cavs!!

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