Fizdale says Knicks’ committed to never tank

New coach David Fizdale says the Knicks will be all about winning, or at least trying to win, at all times.

The New York Knicks may not be very good, but that doesn’t mean they’re trying to be bad.

That comes from new coach David Fizdale, who said Knicks president Steve Mills and general manager Scott Perry have made one thing clear, and it’s that they want to avoid the oh-so-popular tanking business (via ESPN).

That has to be good news for Knicks fans, who must feel like the playoffs are something only other people get to experience. The Knicks will also be minus standout forward Kristaps Porzingis (knee surgery) for what is expected to be half the season — and perhaps all of it.

Still, Perry was hired as GM last season to get a jump-start on changing the culture, and Fizdale wasn’t far behind after a little more than a season coaching the Memphis Grizzlies.

That’s the stability part.

The opposite of that is the fact Fizdale is the Knicks’ 11th coach since 2001-02 and FIFTH since the start of 2010-11. That is what’s known as keeping a bad thing going.

But again, the Knicks’ management team and coaching staff are out to change the culture, and that’s something Fizdale mentioned when discussing Porzingis’ injury with in July.

“We’ve talked about how we want to play, our style of play,” Fizdale said. “Talked a lot about the culture that we’re building. We want to make sure that he comes back strong and healthy  and we don’t want to rush it. We’ve had some really good conversations. We talked about the kids we drafted. We’ve been in communication on every decision that we’ve made.”

The Knicks? With both eyes on winning as much as possible? Get used it. Fizdale and his comrades say that approach is here to stay.