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Amico Hoops had an amazing run — a run made amazing by none other than you.

Founded in 2015, it chronicled the Cavaliers’ journey of four straight trips to the Finals and the first championship in franchise history. Along the way, we tried to give you as much information and analysis as possible about the rest of the NBA.

We have also had a few pretty cool columnists — from Dominique Wilkins to Phil Jackson to Craig Ehlo and his chronicle of being victimized by Michael Jordan and The Shot.

While we continue to keep the site standing as sort of a shrine to what you helped create, I have taken my basketball-writing act to Sports Illustrated as the Cavaliers beat reporter for I hope you will continue to follow me there. (The posts below or will link directly to my articles via my Facebook page.)

Goodness knows, you followed me here, time and again, and made this site a grand success. For that, I truly will be forever grateful. Amico Hoops was a cool, rewarding experience. I didn’t make it that way. You did.

So thanks. A million. I’ll talk to you over at SI.

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  1. Congratulations Sam! I’ve been following you longer than this particular site. Did mostly email in the early days when we chatted. I even had the fine opportunity to speak with you on occasion when the Cavs hosted those lite dinner parties with local media and Cavs legends.

    • Thanks so much! I hope the Cavs bring back those dinner parties. Really do appreciate you following along! – Sam A.

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