Ex-Cavs GM Griffin: 76ers will have ‘leg up’ in pursuit of LeBron

David Griffin said the 76ers would have a "leg up" if LeBron James declines his player option and hits free agency this summer.

When it comes to LeBron Janes, when David Griffin speaks, people listen.

Griffin, the former general manager of the Cleveland Cavaliers, appeared on the Zach Gelb Show on CBS Sports Radio overnight Saturday and said he believes the Philadelphia 76ers will have one advantage in an effort to land James.

James, who is busy leading the Cavaliers in a fourth consecutive matchup against the Golden State Warriors, has a player option for $35.6 million for next season. If he declines it, he will become an unrestricted free agent.

“I don’t know what boxes he would be checking. I think staying in the East probably gives him the best chance to win a championship if he was going to leave Cleveland,” Griffin told Gelb during an excellent interview. “Maybe staying in Cleveland gives him the best chance to get there, I don’t know. If I knew what boxes he was going to check, I’d have a better feel for it.”

Then, Gelb, who said during the interview he lives in Philadelphia but does his show from New York, asked Griffin about the 76ers’ chances of courting and landing James.

“I do think it is significant, though, that Rich Paul is the representative for Ben Simmons as well,” Griffin said. “So he’s going to know the organization very well, and I think that will certainly give them a leg up, because I know Brett Brown is somebody that you’re going to look at when you’re LeBron, and you’re going to look at Pop, you’re going to look at the coach in LA … all the teams he’s went to, coaching is going to matter.

“And I think because Ben has intimate knowledge of Coach Brown, that will probably help.”

Griffin also spoke of James’ thought process for his 2018 free agency, should he decline the player option.

“I think it will give him the best opportunity to have a little bit of both (winning and family),” Griffin said.

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  1. Brian Addis | June 3, 2018 at 5:15 pm |

    Enough is enough with the Lebron free agent stuff. These individuals clearly aren’t from NE Ohio and don’t understand the relevance of his word and letter in 2014 saying he’s always knew he’d end his career in Cleveland, he just didn’t know when. Well he isn’t going anywhere and you’d be a fool to think otherwise.

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