Former Suns GM McDonough making the rounds

Former Suns general manager Ryan McDonough says he intends to stay involved in the NBA.

Former Phoenix Suns general manager Ryan McDonough is continuing to watch the team as he looks for his next job.

“I’ve watched just about all of them,” McDonough told Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald. “I have my DVR set to record all of them. I’m just not breaking down every possession like I used to.”

McDonough was fired by the Suns right before the start of the season. But he has every intention of staying involved in the game.

“You know when something like this happens, I guess you find out who your friends around the league are,” he told Bulpett. “A number of teams — probably the majority of the other 29 clubs — reached out, and a lot of them expressed interest in having me come come visit or just kind of come observe what they do and exchange ideas and all that kind of stuff.

“So that’s what I’ve been doing the last couple of weeks. I was in Oakland on Monday for the Grizzlies-Warriors game and was around the Golden State group for a few days, and in the weeks before that I’ve been to Denver and Utah and San Antonio, as well.”

McDonough, 38, is the son of late longtime Boston Globe columnist Will McDonough. His brother Sean McDonough is a broadcaster at ESPN and another brother, Terry McDonough, is the director of player personnel for the Arizona Cardinals.

But for Ryan McDonough, basketball is in the blood, and he intends to keep it that way.

“I’m going to stay close to the game,” he told Bulpett. “I’m going to stay involved in the NBA in some capacity. I’ll kind of take some time and be selective and figure out the next steps.”