G-League offering ‘new path’ for elite high school prospects

The G-League is offering a new path to the NBA for one-and-done candidates.

The G-League has created a new “professional path” for players who aim to play in the NBA and skip the “one-and-done” process of playing in college.

The league announced the move Thursday. It is designed for “elite” players who are at least 18 years old, and will pay $125,000 for the G-League’s season.

“Select Contracts are an answer to the basketball community’s call for additional development options for elite players before they are eligible for the NBA,” said NBA G League president Malcolm Turner. “The supporting infrastructure surrounding these newly-created Select Contracts is designed to provide a rich offering of basketball and life skills developmental tools for top young players to grow along their professional paths from high school to the pros.”

Per usual, any change in the way the draft and college basketball are handled has created doubt among some of the media’s heavy hitters, many of whom act on behalf of agents. The same goes with this G-League maneuver.

The G-League is hiring a “dedicated working manager” and selecting a group to identify eligible elite players who may be offered the “select” contracts.

“More broadly, this working group will also oversee the implementation of the professional path initiative,” the league announced.

Players will be eligible to sign a contract as long as they turn 18 by Sept. 15 before the season in which they will play. Contracts are not available to players who have gone through an NBA draft, the league stated in its news release.

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