Gentry on LeBron: ‘There’s a 65-year-old in Cleveland that plays all game’

A "65-year-old guy" (according to Alvin Gentry) could not do what LeBron James is going here.

Alvin Gentry isn’t concerned when it comes to minutes played by his New Orleans Pelicans.

The Pelicans coach rode his starters hard in New Orleans’ 111-102 victor over the Portland Trail Blazers in Game 2 of their first-round playoff series to take a 2-0 lead.

Four New Orleans starters — Anthony Davis (40), Nikola Mirotic (39), Rajon Rondo (39) and Jrue Holiday (38) played 38 or more minutes in the victory, while the fifth, E’Twaun Moore, logged 31.

When asked about the heavy minutes by his starters, Gentry played The LeBron James Card, not mentioning him by name, at first, but then doing so.

Here’s the video and it’s worth enjoying.. and you can bet LeBron will be asked about it before Game 2 against the Indiana Pacers on Wednesday night at Quicken Loans Arena. Since James has gone into his annual social-media blackout — what he’s dubbed, “Zero Dark 30-23 mode” — so someone will have to show it to him:

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  1. Wow, the Pelicans are up 2-0, did not see that coming. Should be a pretty good series with the Blazers.

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