George staying in OKC would hurt Lakers’ chances of landing LeBron

Paul George staying with OKC would be a blow to the Lakers' chance of landing LeBron James.

If Paul George decides to not return home and sign with the Los Angeles Lakers this season and chooses to remain with the Oklahoma City Thunder, that would be a blow to the Lakers’ hopes of luring LeBron James to LA this summer.

According to a report by Sam Amick of USA Today, the tea leaves are pointing to George possibility deciding to remain with the Thunder for at least a second season.

“There is all sorts of optimism in Oklahoma City that George will re-sign,” Amick writes. “Conversely, there’s pessimism in James’ camp that George would leave Oklahoma City.”

Which would not be good news for the Lakers, according to Amick.

“That would be widely considered a big blow to the Lakers’ chances of landing James,” he said.

The Lakers’ dream scenario this summer has been to sign both James — should be decline his $35.6 million player option with the Cleveland Cavaliers — and George as free agents and to convince the San Antonio Spurs to trade Kawhi Leonard.

However, with George apparently considering remaining with Russell Westbrook in Oklahoma City and with the Spurs reportedly vowing to either re-sign Leonard, who has one season left on his contract, longterm or to trade him to an Eastern Conference team, the Lakers’ dreams might remain just that.

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  1. william naismith | June 24, 2018 at 10:21 pm |

    from all of the information i have gathered lebron james has already decided to sign a contract with the lakers. he will make an anouncement on or about july 2nd or july 3rd 2018. once this occurs the dominoes will start to fall with paul george, chris paul, and others. carmelo anthony will get bought out f his contract next february to lay with the lakers. I am, in my mind, 90% certain these events will happen. the cavaliers were already informed by james camp prior to the nba draft of his free agency plans. that is why the cavaliers kept sexton and did not pursue kemba walker. altman said “we are now in the player development focus” plus windhurst said james will announce his decision prior to july 4 2018.

    • I enjoy bold predictions and this is a good one. LeBron in Los Angeles is a great narrative in the making. I don’t know, but this is as good of a plot line as one could imagine. Then you have Demarcus Cousins, Paul George, Kawhi Leonard and Chris Paul on the table for the Super Team. Naturally, you would absolutely have to get rid of Lonzo Ball and his whacked out dad.

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