Greenberg: Cavs-Warriors ‘greatest rivalry in sports history’

The rivalry between the Cavs and Warriors is "the greatest in sports history," says Mike Greenberg of ESPN.

Mike Greenberg of ESPN said on his morning show, Get Up!, that the rivalry between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors, who will begin a fourth consecutive matchup in the NBA Finals on Thursday night at Oracle Arena, “the greatest rivalry in sports history.”

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  1. BurningRiver | May 30, 2018 at 12:40 pm |

    One factor from last years’ Finals that everyone seems to forget (because they were so forgettable) were all of the Shumpert iso possessions. He took nearly as many as LeBron and Kyrie! And they were never successful (partly because everyone on the floor, in the stands, and watching at home knew he was going into “It’s Shump-Time!” mode). How many points per game did those cost us?

    I think, if the players stay within themselves, if Love plays quality games, if Korver shoots the way he’s capable of shooting (and he should have a better Finals this year than last, with a year of experience playing with LeBron) and if ‘Bron does his thing – which he will – then it’s a series.

  2. Did he forget about Ohio State – Michigan?

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