Griffin: Bulls must focus on what they can control

Pau Gasol is joining Gregg Popovich in San Antonio.

The Chicago Bulls (39-39) playoff hopes are on life support after an uninspiring loss Tuesday night against the Memphis Grizzles (42-36). The Grizzles were riding a 6 game losing and played with a backs to the wall type of desperation the Bulls just couldn’t match. Bulls fans have to hope that after seeing the way a team is supposed to play in a must win situation they can mimic that attitude their final 4 contests.

Outside of Jimmy Butler and Pau Gasol the Bulls simply lack chemistry on the court. Lately Chicago just hasn’t been able get on the same page, They consistently misread options and just don’t have a feel for where their teammates are. Against Memphis, Chicago had 20 turnovers, many of them were self inflicted. This is an obvious side effect to an injury riddled season but one team who isn’t feeling bad for the Bulls is the Grizzles. The Grizz have had a record setting 28 players wear their jersey since opening day. 28! Despite at one time employing enough players to fill 2 NBA rosters this season the Grizz are currently 5th in the Western Conference playoff race.

The Bulls need every win they can get but have given up ground recently to Indiana and Detroit in the 3 man race for the final 2 playoff spots. The Bulls are 1-2 in the past week, 1 of those losses came against Detroit who they were only behind by only 1 game at the time. Despite that, Detroit and Indiana haven’t done much to close this out leaving the door slightly open for the Bulls to sneak in.

The remaining schedule for the 3 teams are:
Chicago: Miami, Cleveland, New Orleans and Philadelphia
Detroit: Orlando, Washington, Miami and Cleveland
Indiana: Cleveland, Toronto, Brooklyn, New York and Milwaukee

Indiana seems to have a slightly tougher schedule although they are playing a reportedly LeBron JameslessĀ (rest) Cavaliers on Wednesday, the Cavs are 1-3 this season without James.

The Bulls are idle today. The Pacers are at home against Cleveland. Detroit is on the road in Orlando.

The Bulls need to hope for a little help from their friends Wednesday night before they get back to business Thursday in Miami.

Kyle Griffin
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