Hawks eye Calderon, other point guards

Jose Calderon played 41 games between the Lakers and Hawks last season.

Jose Calderon was signed and immediately waived by the Golden State Warriors, but that doesn’t necessarily mean his season is over.

According to ESPN,¬†Atlanta is searching for reserve points guards, with Calderon “prime among them.”

Free agents Mario Chalmers and Jordan Farmar also said to be under consideration by the Hawks, who are aiming to bolster their bench for the playoffs.

Calderon was waived by the Los Angeles Lakers earlier this week, and immediately reached a deal with the Warriors. However, the Warriors needed a small forward after Kevin Durant went down with a knee injury — so they decided to turn to free agent Matt Barnes.

They still signed Calderon, however, as a good faith gesture by the organization.

Per the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

“The Hawks have an open spot after waiving Lamar Patterson over the weekend. The Hawks brought in Gary Neal and Patterson on 10-day contracts before the NBA trade deadline. Both are combo-guards. Mike Budenholzer said the most likely scenario will be a true point guard.”