Ice Cube brings back ‘Friday’ to promote BIG3

Ice Cube is using a scene from his classic movie, "Friday," to promote the second season of the BIG3 league.

Whether or not the BIG3 basketball league grows in popularity in its soon-to-tip-off second season remains to be seen.

What cannot be questioned, however, is the creativity shown by rapper, actor and BIG3 co-founder Ice Cube in promoting the league’s second season, which will air on Fridays live on FOX and FOX Sports 1.

Ice Cube used a combination of his devotion to his league and a memorable scene from his 1995 iconic classic Friday to promote the BIG3, which will begin its second season June 22 in Houston.

The one-minute promo features Craig (Ice Cube) sitting down at the kitchen table to feast on an oversized bowl of cereal. He then pours out the few dribbles of milk remaining in the carton.

A frustrated Craig then heads to the refrigerator in search of more milk as his father, Mr. Jones (John Witherspoon) shows up in a doorway, chowing down on grapes and delivers an updated version of his popular line from the movie.

“Every time I’m in the kitchen, you boys in the kitchen in front of my damn TV, watching basketball!” he says.

Here’s the original clip (note: NSFW, language):

In the modified version of the great scene from the movie, Craig’s cousin, Day-Day (Mike Epps) — who actually did not appear in the original Friday but first appeared in the first sequel, Next Friday — sits at the table with him as clips of last season’s BIG3 games are played on the television.

The clip includes a hilarious back-and-forth between all three characters when one of the players on the clip on the television makes a 4-point shot.

The best news for the many fans of the Friday movies was confirmed by Ice Cube, who said another sequel — Last Fridayis currently in production.