Insider: Lakers chasing likes of Lillard, Love, DeRozan, Beal, Wall

Damian Lillard of the Blazers is one of the big-name guys LeBron James' new team, the Lakers, are eyeing.

While Kawhi Leonard’s name remains the biggest remaining target being associated with the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James’ newest team are on the scent of several other big-name targets, according to a report.

Longtime NBA insider Chris Sheridan of reports the Lakers are kicking around several other big names.

“A number of trade options are being considered by Lakers executives Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka, and names that are being bandied about include Damian Lillard, Kevin Love, DeMar DeRozan, Bradley Beal, and John Wall … among others,” Sheridan said.

James spoke glowingly of Lillard, the face of the Portland Trail Blazers before a game March 15 last season.

“That guy’s a superstar in our league and he’s showing it right now, James told reporters after the shootaround before the game. “He’s leading the team, obviously, where I don’t think a lot of people thought they’d be at the beginning of the season. But him as the leader of the team he has them in position to fight in the West.”

James then followed that one up with a quote that is even more interesting today than it was back in March when he said it, when asked if Lillard was being underappreciated or underestimated.

“No, I don’t think so. I don’t think so, but he definitely uses that. I like how he uses that. If you’re a true basketball [mind] — there’s not a lot of true basketball minds and people that understand the game — but for me, I understand it. I know,” James said.

“Give me Damian Lillard. I’ll show you how appreciated he’ll be.”

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  1. do the lakers have enough to get Love?

    • Thomas Nguyen | July 7, 2018 at 1:07 pm |

      They actually have some pretty good assets, it depends on how badly they want him. He has 1+1 years left on his contract and seems to like playing with LeBron.

      I don’t see it unless it is a 3-way because I don’t see the Lakers giving up Ingram. We don’t need lonzo and we already have plenty of young wings so we don’t need kuzma.

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