LeBron played final three games with broken hand

LeBron James returns to Cleveland on November 21.

Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James suffered a bone contusion in his right hand after punching a white board following the Game 1 loss of the NBA Finals, according to multiple reports.

James said postgame tonight, “I played the last three games pretty much with a broken hand.”

LeBron had two MRI’s and has been wearing a soft cast. He kept it quiet so that the Warriors didn’t know about it.

The Cavs, of course, lost Game 1 on the road. The game went into overtime after George Hill missed the second free throw and then J.R. Smith got the rebound, but dribbled the ball out to the perimeter, clearly not knowing that the game was tied.

James was visibly frustrated after the play and admitted postgame tonight that the injury was self-inflicted and was because of the emotion of losing Game 1.

LeBron averaged 34.0 points, 9.0 assists and 9.1 rebounds during the 2018 postseason.





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  1. That was easily the worst Finals I have ever seen. Been watching about 20 years. The Refs stole game one. That gutted the Cavs. For LBJ to break his hand in frustration is very telling. But it could have been stopped. He should have pushed for Lue to be fired mid-season. When Lue played TT and Hill and JR to start the 3rd quarter, I knew it was over. I turned off the game. Just the absolute worst coaching I have ever seen. The bench guys were ready to fight. Even Calderon would have played better than Hill. Cedi. I think it was so bad that LeBron MUST leave the Land for a fresh start. You can’t bounce back with this group/franchise. This was worse than when the Lakers swept the Nets.

    • 4 FOUR words in your first sentence capsulizes it all! EASILY THE WORST FINALS!

      1. REFS -Game 1(incredibly big loss) Game 2-not only misses the tackle, but Curry’s intentional trip.
      2. LUE-Loser!, need I say more ? NO Larry Drew went 9-1 while Lueser was OUT.
      3. JR-Even being in the game(Lue-ser’s fault)
      4. HILL-Missing free throws is NOT his specialty, but GSW made all 16 last night-this leads to wins. Otherwise, Hill was missing in action ALL series…(again Lue-ser’s fault)
      5. Indeed–WHERE WAS CEDI & HIS “DELLY-LIKE” ENERGY,,, AND EVEN ZIZIC CAN REBOUND & put the ball IN the basket ! (in the game 2 minutes-1 rebound & scored 4 pts.) The announcer even commented TT bends down, dribbles once before attempting a put-back, giving time for the defense to stop him. (LUE-SER’S FAULT for NOT COACHING -AND LEAVING HIM IN THE GAME.) Most teams DO play their Euro-League Players & they DO frequently help them win. Stubborn Lue-ser, No, I have to play my OLD GUYS. ????????????

  2. Will miss LeBron. Of course I want him to stay but he needs to add another 2-3 rings at least to his resume / legacy and I don’t see Cleveland being the best chance for that. Go get em Lebron! Then come back home once more for a final season or two.

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