Jones: Some of this, some of that, some of the other

Joe Harris of the Nets continued his terrific season by winning the 3-point contest at All-Star Weekend on Saturday night.

A mishmash of random pindowns on a lazy, All-Star Game Sunday morning…

1. It’s remarkable how NBA superstars such as Kyrie Irving, Kawhi LeonardAnthony Davis, etc., can either sit out or, in Davis’ case, be injured during a game and leave with his agent while the game is still in progress, yet still somehow become healthy enough to play in a meaningless exhibition game.

2. Speaking of the esteemed Mr. Davis, he told NBA TV on Saturday about his next team, “All 29 other teams are on my list.” Don’t hold your breath, Knicks, Suns, Cavs, Hawks, Bulls, etc., fans.

3. If I were running the Pelicans, and if the NBA mandated I played Davis, therefore risking a serious injury, especially for a player as oft-injured as he, I’d do exactly that — start Davis… and remove him at the first dead ball. He plays, as dictated by the league, has only a minuscule chance of being injured and, just for payback reasons, his statistics go in the dumper. Hey, he and his agent, Rich Paul, started this whole mess…

4. Remember when the taking-off-from-the-free-throw-line dunk was considered the dunk of any contest? Guys such as Julius Erving and Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkins, etc., didn’t need props or sidekicks to put on a show.

5. Speaking of the free-throw-line dunk, has anyone ever seen anyone actually accomplish it without stepping on or over the actual stripe? Doc didn’t, MJ didn’t…

6. Wonder if Zion Williamson will participate in the dunk contest next year at All-Star Weekend at United Center in Chicago in his rookie NBA season? Will the 19-year-old Duke phenom go for the gusto or follow LeBron James’ lead and forego the challenge because he has much more to lose by not winning than he has to gain by winning?

7. Joe Harris, NBA 3-point king. What a wonderful world in which we live. This was a guy who averaged 2.5 points per game in his first two seasons in the league as a Cleveland Cavalier and was assigned to the G League 17 times. Now averaging 13.9 points for the in-contention Nets, he stands second in the NBA in 3-point accuracy (47.1 percent) and defeated none other than Stephen Curry in the championship round of the 3-point contest Saturday night.

8. “Obviously, it’s incredible,” the ever-humble Harris said. “Steph is the greatest shooter of all time. But, again, shooting off of the rack for a minute is not indicative of being a better shooter than Steph Curry. I don’t want anybody to get it twisted at all.”

9. Losing to Harris marked the first time Curry didn’t hoist a trophy since the 2016 Finals.

10. How come Dirk Nowitzki (40) and Dwayne Wade (37) received special invites to the All-Star Game from commissioner Adam Silver, but Vince Carter (42) did not, especially considering Carter played his college ball at North Carolina?

11. This probably should have been my lede item but, hey, it’s the All-Star break for everyone, right? Anyway, back on point — what does it say about The Association when there is so much more anticipation about its next offseason than it is about its championship series… and it’s not even close?

12. Watching the way Jordan Clarkson has played all season and how Larry Nance has played the last month, it says here the Cavaliers won the trade they made with the Los Angeles Lakers at the trade deadline last season.

13. While we’re on the subject of Clarkson and Nance, while most NBA teams actually have their best players, you know, starting, why doesn’t Cleveland if it’s trying to win games? Oh, wait…

14. While much is made of the James-led buddy-buddy, let’s-be-friends attitude of today’s NBA players, the same could be said about much of the media that covers the league. Paid to report and opine about the game, the players, etc., many spend so much time stroking each other’s ego it’s nauseating. Last year, three separate media outlets — supposedly competing outlets, at that — combined on a story. Competition, be damned, is something which many of the majority NBA superstars are accused, though many doing the accusing put their hypocrisy on full display, be it in print or electronically.

15. Along those lines, give me stone-cold killers (in a basketball sense, of course) such as Russell Westbrook or Joel Embiid on my team any day. I once witnessed one NBA player go after another with a 2 x 4 in the tunnel of an arena after a game. (Perhaps we’ll dive into that story someday).

16. How come Spurs coach Gregg Popovich gets virtually a free pass for acting like an acerbic, petulant, you’re-not-worth-my-time… guy, but is revered by the national talking heads?

17. It says here James and Irving will never again be as good individually as they were as a tandem.

18. With apologies to Amico Hoops colleague Ben Stinar, if Luka Doncic of the Mavericks isn’t the NBA’s Rookie of the Year, I’ll eat my all-navy, Chief Wahoo Indians hat.

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  1. If you dont get Pop by now and understand what ticks him off, there’s probably no hope for you.

    Try putting some thought and meaning into the questions you ask him. He doesnt want to be glorified, he’s down to earth. If he gives you a hard time he wants you to come back to earth with him and think ablut what youre actually saying.

    He’s not going to give away game plans or secrets to stopping the other team, dont ask. He’s not going to “rate” stuff for you or deal with questions that have ser up answers, he knows its an insult to everybody’s intelligence a la “how important is it to……”. The answer is usually “very”. These are bad questions we can all do without and Pop has a lot of fans because thats what he reacts negatively to. Fans are tired of those questions too. Get em Pop!

    Oh and most importantly, dont take yourself too seriously. If Pop’s reaction really bothers you, you are taking yourself way too seriously. He’s probably making fun of you, but he doesnt hate you, he just wants you to be better. He knows you can do better. You know you can do better.

  2. Is the farcical and boring, ego boost for the players, all star weekend over yet?

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