Kanye: ‘LeBron needs to be in Cleveland’

LeBron James should not have left Cleveland, says Kanye West (right).

Kanye West didn’t have a dog in the fight, but he believes LeBron James made the wrong choice when he left the Cleveland Cavaliers for a second time and signed as a free agent with the Los Angeles Lakers in July.

West, the 21-time Grammy Award winner, is never one to be shy about expressing his opinions on pretty much anything, and told TMZ Sports that James should have remained with the Cavaliers.

“I really feel like LeBron needs to be in Cleveland,” West said, adding he’d be moving back to his own hometown of Chicago. “And it ain’t my place and I’m sorry Mav[erick Carter] and LeBron for saying that, I know I’m speaking out of place, but I feel like LeBron needs to be in Cleveland, ‘Ye needs to be in Chicago, ‘Big U’ [Eugene Henley] needs to be in Crenshaw creating factories where his kids that he looks after 99 percent of the time when he’s not with his own kids, can learn trades, crafts, all the way from bonding a shirt together to STEMs [science, technology, engineering and mathematics].”

Kanye’s latest album, which was supposed to be released last weekend, has been pushed back to a new release date of Nov. 23.

Based on his takes about James taking his talents to Hollywood, his album might be picked up by more fans in Northeast Ohio.

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