Lakers’ Ball severs ties with Big Baller Brand co-founder

Lonzo Ball of the Lakers has severed ties with the co-founder of the Big Baller Brand.

Concerns of a longtime family friend’s criminal past and questioned about approximately $1.5 million from his personal and business accounts have led Los Angles Lakers guard Lonzo Ball to sever ties with a co-founder of the Big Baller Brand.

According to a report by Romona Shelburne and Paula Lavigne of ESPN, Ball believes Alan Foster, a longtime friend of Ball’s father, LaVar, for nearly a decade and who owns 16.3 percent of Big Baller Brand, had “used his access to my business and personal finances to enrich himself. As a result, I have decided to sever all ties with Alan, effective immediately.”

Lonzo’s father backed his son’s decision to break ties with Foster.

“I’ve always believed in the best in people. Regretfully, I put my complete trust in Alan Foster to manage my son’s business affairs,” LaVar said. “At the end of the day, family comes first, and I support Zo wholeheartedly. Together, we will make this right.”