LeBron and his camp won’t meet with Cavs in person

LeBron James and his representatives will not meet in person with the Cleveland Cavaliers when free agency opens, according to a report from ESPN.

James’ camp and the Cavs front office have been in regular contact since the season ended. James’ agent, Rich Paul, informed the Cavs on Friday that James would not be opting in to the final year of his contract with Cleveland worth $35.6 million.

James is widely expected to pick between either staying in Cleveland on a one-plus-one deal or take his talents to California and join the Los Angeles Lakers.

According to a report from Cleveland.com, James’ interest in joining the Lakers is strong.

ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne reported this week that James would not be seeking out elaborate pitch meetings during the free agency process.

The Cavs can offer James the most money in free agency. The Lakers have cap space to sign two max contract players this summer and are currently aggressively trying to acquire San Antonio Spurs All-Star small forward Kawhi Leonard via trade.

ESPN’s Dave McMenamin is reporting that the Cavs have found it difficult to plan for its full team around James with the way he has approached his free agency.

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  1. This is all on Dan Gilbert. Every Cavs fan and their grandmother knew for the last few years that LeBron was going to opt out in order to get the super max contract. Stop playing dumb, Dan Gilbert. Pay the man what he deserves. If any player deserves the super max, it’s LeBron James. He has more than earned it. All the bad contracts on this team at the moment are Gilbert’s fault to begin with,.. from trading for Kevin Love and George Hill, to ridiculously overpaying Tristan Thompson, JR Smith and Kyle Korver. Trading Love is the first thing you need to do, whether LeBron stays or leaves. If Dan Gilbert continues to act like a bitter, stubborn jackass, then basketball in Ohio will cease to exist. We all know that Gilbert was the reason Kyrie Irving left, and he was also the reason why LeBron left for Miami. Either pay the King the super max deal, and make some moves to put a better roster together, with more than 1 legit superstar, or sell the freakin team and go back to Detroit.

  2. Also LeGone’s fault, taking 1-2 year deals handcuffing and holding the Cavs hostage. Helping to get his friends ridiculous overpaid contracts while underperforming. Driving Kyrie out of town.

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