LeBron not concerning himself with Lakers’ playoff chances

LeBron James and the Lakers are battling the Kings in the race for a Western Conference playoff spot.

The Los Angeles Lakers are currently 2.5 games back of the Sacramento Kings and the Los Angeles Clippers for the final playoff spot in the Western Conference.

That’s not good — because the Kings are clearly on the rise and despite a bevy of trades, the Clippers remain very well-coached.

The Lakers? They seem to still be figuring themselves out. They aren’t defending consistently. They don’t always give the best effort. They are surrounding by the drama that LeBron James always brings.

But James also brings the experience of eight straight trips to the Finals. He brings winning experience, postseason experience.

So James is not concerned with the Lakers’ playoff chances. Not yet.

“Until you either make it or don’t make it,” James told reporters. “That’s when you worry about it.”

James will be relying heavily on help from the likes of younger players Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram and Lonzo Ball (when healthy), but when it comes to winning, experience counts for a lot. That’s where older players come in — such as Rajon Rondo, Lance Stephenson, JaVale McGee and Tyson Chandler. Oh yeah, and LeBron himself.

“Some of the guys have never played a playoff game before, so you can’t teach them that,” James said following the Lakers’ loss to the Atlanta Hawks on Tuesday. “But it’s very important to understand how important every game is, no matter who you’re playing or where you are.”