Leonard close to 100 percent, still to meet with Spurs about future

San Antonio Spurs star small forward Kawhi Leonard is close to being 100 percent and will be ready for the start of next season’s training camp, according to Shams Charania of Yahoo Sports.

Leonard only played in nine games this season because of a lingering quadriceps injury. He was cleared by team doctors to return but was never cleared by his own doctors to play.

The Spurs’ brass plans to have an all-hands-on-deck summer meeting with Leonard in the hopes of working out their differences and continue what has been largely a positive and productive partnership up until this year.

“Kawhi Leonard didn’t necessarily ‘go rogue’, despite all the reports,” Charania said. “He was working out with San Antonio staffers during the season and now going into the summer, his rehab has continued. He’s been around. He went to Gregg Popovich‘s wife’s service shortly after the season ended. People close to him, they made it clear he was there. He interacted with Spurs’ officials, with staffers.”

San Antonio can offer Leonard the supermax extension this offseason, which would pay Leonard close to $219 million over five years. Leonard will meet with Popovich in the coming weeks to discuss his future with the franchise.

“They’ve got to sit down and sort through all the issues before they can even get to any contractual number,” Charania said. “There were a lot of miscommunications that went on during the course of the season they need to catch up on and rehash. They haven’t had a full sit-down yet. He’s been around at different points since the season ended but they haven’t sat down formally. Until they do, we would just be speculating. They need to get on the same page in a lot of areas.”

The Spurs want to try to make things work with Leonard and aren’t interested in trading him.