Post: Scouts say Lonzo Ball could indeed slide

UCLA star guard Lonzo Ball is expected to be among the top three picks in the June draft.

Could UCLA guard Lonzo Ball actually fall in the draft because of, well, interesting statements and behavior from his father, LaVar Ball?

Yes, according to a New York Post article that quotes some industry insiders. Per the NY Post:

LaVar Ball, the former Jets practice-squad tight end in the mid-1990s, didn’t make it to the combine. That is, this week’s NBA scouting combine that concluded Saturday.

That was a relief to NBA talent evaluators. Some find sports’ most infamous father a nuisance and possible reason UCLA point guard Lonzo Ball is no longer the consensus No. 1 pick in this year’s draft.

This refutes comments made by Lakers president Magic Johnson, who said Lonzo’s draft position would be based solely on Lonzo’s play — and nothing LaVar says or does.

But whether it impacts Lonzo’s stock or not, he clearly has become the most polarizing figure in this year’s draft — sort of like Johnny Manziel once was in football. The difference is, of course, that Lonzo doesn’t have to say a word or do a thing to get noticed. His dad does it all for him.

Also per the NY Post: “According to interviews with a dozen GMs, personnel directors and scouts, LaVar Ball’s antics likely won’t cause Lonzo to slide past No. 2 in the June 22 draft. But some wonder if Lonzo wouldn’t be the clear-cut top pick if he didn’t come with the baggage his father creates with his series of outlandish statements, including one that struck some as racially insensitive.”