Magic: LaVar Ball won’t impact Lonzo in draft

UCLA star guard Lonzo Ball is expected to be among the top three picks in the June draft.

Los Angeles Lakers president Magic Johnson said that Lonzo Ball’s draft position will not be influenced by father LaVar Ball’s constant promotion of his sons and brand.


“No effect at all,” Johnson told ESPN at the NBA combine. “I think what you’re drafting is the son and not the father. I think that you also are gauging and evaluating his son on his ability and what he can do not only on the basketball court but also what he can do for your team. How he can enhance and make your team better.”

“If we’re fortunate to keep our pick, wherever that is, then you take a look at him,” Johnson said. “Just like any team who would be drafting in the top four or five would take a look at him and the other players who are there.”

Lonzo Ball, a guard out of UCLA, is a projected top-three draft pick.

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